‘So many guides tell us to exercise for an hour a day, meditate for 40 minutes, then chase it all with a green juice made from home-grown organic kale. That’s just not possible for me. Two minutes of exercise is attainable and enjoyable and gives me the quick boost in serotonin I need to tackle my day. Bravo!’

Welcome to Two Minute Moves.



I want to get you moving your body, transforming your mood and making exercise a part of your life. When you see me in front of an audience as a Speaker or Fitness Presenter, when you listen or watch my Two Minute Moves workouts, when you have me as a Personal Trainer or Integrative Nutrition Health Coach or when you read my book, you'll realise that exercise doesn't have to be a chore or a punishment.  You'll discover the benefits of moving go way beyond making your body look a certain way.  You'll see how possible it is to breakthrough lack of time, motivation and other roadblocks that are holding you back. You’ll end up craving exercise and the huge ripple effect on your body, mind and soul that comes with it. If you want to breakthrough your exercise excuses, change your mindset and be your most energised, happiest, healthiest self; then you're in the right place. Transforming the way you feel starts with two minutes. Now let's get you started. 


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