Two Minute Moves

Micro movement breaks
to bust fatigue & boost Engagement

Many people are sitting for hours on meetings and conferences struggling to find the time or motivation to get up and take a break. This sedentary behaviour often leads to fatigue, disengagement, low mood, lack of focus and an uncomfortable, aching body.

Two Minute Moves makes it easy and fun to disrupt long hours of sitting and take care of people’s physical and mental wellbeing. These micro-breaks to stretch, move, dance, meditate and more, ensure people get back to what they’re doing with renewed energy, focus and happiness. 

Conferences and Workplaces around the world are implementing Two Minute Moves into their agendas and wellbeing strategies, transforming the energy and experience of attendees and employees.

All you need is two minutes.

energize your event

Two Minute Moves makes it easy for organizers of virtual and live events, conferences and meetings to include wellness in agendas and keep attendees energized and engaged throughout the day. In only 2-minutes or more, Two Minute Moves has attendees interacting, switched on for what’s ahead and raving about your event. 

“The exercises were a godsend and something every conference should have.”
- Executive Leadership Summit feedback

energize your WORKday

Now, more than ever, employers have significant responsibility and duty of care to both the physical and mental wellbeing of their people. Two Minute Moves provides uplifting movement microbreaks to make it easy for team members to disrupt sedentary sitting at work; boosting connection, safety, productivity and happiness.

“Best. Workplace. Ever”
- Two Minute Moves Session Feedback - Norgine

wellbeing WORKSHOPS

Dubbed the ‘Excuse-Buster From Down Under’ by the US media, Lizzy Williamson, founder of Two Minute Moves, has a toolbox of tips and hacks to stay energized and engaged throughout the workday. With her super-achievable action steps and her own relatable true story, Lizzy will motivate and inspire your team to get up and moving more so they can be their happiest and most productive selves at work each day.



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All you need is 2-minutes!

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