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Packed full of hundreds of Two-Minute Moves to have you feeling fitter, stronger, saner and happier.

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Mondays: New 2-Minute Moves workout moves you can easily fit in to your day. Think Kitchen Bench, Housework or even a dance off.

Fridays: Wine Bottle Workout time. Who needs equipment when you have wine bottles! Guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

“Lizzy, your workout gave me so much energy and also courage to go back into looking after myself and move!!
— Val

I created the 2 Minute Workout to breakthrough the excuses and reasons that hold us back from moving our bodies. They are to show you that you don't always need any equipment, be away from your kids or work, have to leave the house or have lots of space and time.

My fun workouts are at your kitchen bench, on your bed, at your desk, your couch and I even had a request for a car workout which featured in MindBodyGreen! 

Chances are by taking these few minutes you will be inspired to move more and it will without a doubt, make an impact on the way you feel. My inbox is full of messages from women telling me how these little workouts have had a big impact on their lives. Please enjoy my gift to you. 

Lizzy I think you’re such an inspiration and just so down to earth! I love watching your videos!!
— Brodie