Ready to take action on your tummy?

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Here’s how we’re going to make this happen…


core and cardio online workouts

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These are ‘real world’ workouts. I know that the second you get down on the floor the chances are your kids use you as playground equipment. That’s why I’m sharing with you the tummy moves I love to do on the couch, at my kitchen bench, playground and even lying in bed at night reading the one page of a book I manage to get through if I’m lucky. 

Cardiovascular fitness is SO important for us women (heart disease is the #1 killer for us) and it’s easier to integrate in to your day then you think. A dance-off in your living room, an invigorating vaccum of your house, some step-ups on a front step or set of stairs.

Each week you’ll commit to doing:

  • A daily CORE 2-minute workout. So easy - some of them you can even do while checking Instagram, binge-watching your fave Netflix show or sitting at work. Do it once, twice or ten times, depending on your day.

  • A daily CARDIO 2-minute workout. Work to your level of high intensity interval training - research is flowing thick and fast about the effectiveness of HIIT. Not only does it bring physical results but it does wonders for your mood, memory and energy.

    All workouts sent in an easy-to-follow video format. New workouts each week.

  • You’ll also have access to the Mummy Lost Her Tummy Workout Library where you can pick and choose your daily workout if you’d prefer. Want a longer workout? Combine 10 in a row for a 20-minute workout! 20-minute workout plans emailed each week.

Now I can see how I can fit in some movement here and there every morning, day and night, I can see it making a massive difference to how I feel... and my jeans today were definitely looser than they have been for a while.
— Jennifer

food changes & accountability

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  • Commit to a food CHANGE each week (to be decided on in coaching call - eg. quit eating chocolate after a meal, alcohol-free weeknights, whatever it is that’s not going your tummy any favours). All these LITTLE changes add up to make a BIG difference.

  • Recieve a Reward CHART to tick off your Core/Cardio/Food Changes and send to Lizzy at the end of each week #accountability

  • To kick off the program hop on a 20-minute 1-on-1 COACHING CALL with Lizzy to plan and bust through what’s been getting in your way. Then each FORTNIGHT you’ll get private coaching with Lizzy for 20 minutes to stay accountable, motivated and on track. The sure-fire way to stay committed to your goals.

I spoke with the lovely Lizzy this morning for the first time and straight away it was like talking to a friend. She was so positive and encouraging with my fitness goals and was ready to give me lots of tips to help me achieve them.
— Rita

Grab your spot on the Online Program below by choosing weekly payments or pay in full. read on to add personal training.

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online package + add on personal training (optional)

1-on-1 personalised 30-minute cardio and core-blasting personal training sessions with Lizzy - a certified Personal Trainer (over 15 years experience) and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.

Will travel 15 mins from Avalon Beach in Sydney or option to travel to Lizzy. Sessions can also be done virtually via Skype.

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Do yourself a favour and kick start your health with the amazing Lizzy. Loving my personal training with this inspirational, supportive, knowledgable and focussed woman.
— Jennayah

Prices INCLUDE the $25/week pack above.

1 x PT/week = $60 per week*

2 x PT/week = $110 per week*

3 x PT/week = $150 per week*

*Get a friend or group to do this with you and split the total. Eg 2 people for 1 x PT/week = $30 each.

Don’t worry if there’s any weeks you can’t do your PT session/s (holidays, sick kids, stuff happens etc) - you can make them up any time throughout the challenge.

Working out with Lizzy has been fantastic. She makes you feel totally at ease with your fitness level and tailors her program to suit where you are in your fitness journey. And all with a big smile on her face. I feel fitter and very happy to get back into my old wardrobe.
— Leigh
Since starting my coaching programme with Lizzy I’ve seen a lot of changes in myself that I really needed. I just really needed that push to motivate myself and to start to really prioritise myself. I am now mentally much more positive and generally a much happier person!
— Tracey


WE Start 11th of February, 2019.

Mummy Lost Her Tummy Online Pay in Full Option
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I look forward to hearing from you! Your Tummy Coach, Lizzy
You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret to success is found in your daily routine.
— John C. Maxwell