Welcome to your Two Minute Moves Transformation.

Think you don't have the time, energy or motivation to exercise, eat well and take care of yourself? Think again.


The Two Minute Moves Transformation is here to bust your excuses and obstacles so you get to feel, look and live the way you want. Experience 22 days of workouts and wellness hacks that work in your REAL WORLD. The one where it can be really hard some days to find the time, energy or motivation to give back to YOU. Rather than going for big changes that get you excited to begin with but you quickly give up on, your Two Minute Moves Transformation makes it super easy for you to not only make a start, but more importantly, stick to it. These habit-forming steps we will take together over 22 days are so easy to do consistently that you will have them FOR LIFE. And what happens when we do little things consistently over time?  It leads to amazing results with many unexpected ripple effects along the way. 

I'm your host, Lizzy Williamson. A decade ago I experience postnatal depression and my journey out of rock bottom led me to a new, powerful mindset and practise when it comes to exercise and self care. What I discovered was how to have every day filled with game-changing habits and life-changing routines. As a Personal Trainer, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Presenter, Speaker and Author, I have since helped thousands of people also find (and keep) their sanity, vitality, confidence and joy. 

Has the time come to reset, stop the excuses, break some habits and start feeling how you want to feel?  

Your transformation begins October 20th, 2018 for 22-days. Let's do this. 


Here's what's in store for you.


22-Day Workout Program


As seen on the Today Show, Good Morning America and Studio 10, the Two Minute Moves workouts might be little but they make a big difference. You'll receive fun, achievable workouts and come up with a 22-day workout plan designed to have you feeling good PLUS get results in your Strength, Cardio, Flexibility, Fitness, Tummy, Thighs, Arms, Buttocks, Hormones, Mood and Mental Health. 

These 2-minute workouts can be done while you're at your kitchen bench, on your couch binge-watching Netflix, with your kids, scrolling through Facebook, brushing your teeth, sitting down at work, at the playground, out walking your dog, when you're in your pjs, with your wine bottles and much more. There's no getting bored with exercise on your Two Minute Moves Transformation and no need to search through YouTube to find what you're looking for. For all ages and fitness levels.   

Workouts available to watch on Video or listen on Audio. 

Lizzy’s joy, playfulness, irreverence and humour brings back the missing ingredient in exercise - FUN!
— Zoe Gameau
Thanks to your 2 minute moves and a bit of TLC for myself I now feel like my old self again (maybe even a better version as I have lost 14kg in weight).
— Joss
I had such a light bulb moment when you said not to wait until I “found” an hour to work out. That was my mind set …All or nothing!! I have managed easily fitting in 4 moves a day plus some of your stretches yesterday too!!
— Kylie

Food & Wellness Challenges


I'm also bringing in my expert friends in food and wellness to set you some tasks to follow for the 22 days. This isn't about cutting out everything 'bad' in your diet and life. That tends to not work long-term. Your experts will give you daily steps and plans that create real lasting change. These food and wellness 'challenges' have been designed to bring in healthy eating and mindset habits and finally break the ones not doing you any favours. By committing to a few small changes, you will see a big difference.   

Throughout the 22 days we'd love you to hang out with us and have your questions answered and problems solved on the Ask the Expert Q&A Show. Join in live or watch/listen to the replay any time.

Prizes to be won!

No joke I’ve made some major little 2 minute changes in the past couple of weeks and am already feeling so much better about myself! Have already done 6 x 2 min workouts today when normally I would have done zero movement by this point!
— Kelli

Bonus Live Coaching Calls


Throughout the 22 days of the Two Minute Moves Transformation, you have the opportunity to be part of live coaching sessions with me that's shared with the rest of the community. On the call I'll be checking in with your goals plus bust through anything that is getting in your way. Plus there's something very powerful about the accountability you get when you share with others what you're going to commit to. Don't want to be on live? No problem. Answer some questions beforehand then sit back and watch or listen. You can also remain anonymous.

Even if it's not your turn for a coaching session, you'll be sure to get some tips, tools and inspiration to apply to your own life. You can learn a lot of hearing someone else's story. Plus it brings us Two Minute Movers closer together as a supportive community. 

Since my coaching sessions with Lizzy I’ve seen a lot of changes in myself that I really needed. I just really needed that push to motivate myself and to start to really prioritise myself. I am now mentally much more positive and generally a much happier person!
— Tracy

Check-Ins & Community


No-one misses out on the check-ins that will help keep you motivated and committed to achieving your goals. I'll be checking in with you regularly via email for extra accountability hacks, tips to keep on track plus a whole load of support. I'll be making sure you don't miss out on the ripple effects that come from being fitter, stronger, happier, more energised and feeling better about yourself. Like the sound of having a cheerleader spurring you on? Well I've got my pom-poms ready! 

You'll also be part of a supportive and fun community in the Two Minute Movers Facebook Group. Hear the struggles and success stories of other Two Minute Movers to be inspired, get ideas and remind you that you are not alone. 



I paced the hall while talking to a friend on the phone, did a few push ups at the kitchen bench while waiting for the kettle to boil and did some calf raises while brushing my teeth. I’m getting strange looks from my husband and the kids but moving is starting to become automatic which is great.
— Marg
I had to work tonight, instead of sitting down I am standing at my kitchen bench working on my laptop with music playing, dancing and two minute moving as much as I can. Sure beats being sedentary. Thanks for the inspiration.
— Callie

Here's some results from other Two Minute Movers...

I’ve been feeling really bad about myself, so took your advice on board and got rid of my all or nothing attitude. I’ve been doing simple crunches, squat jumps and push ups when I can around the house and am feeling so much better. I really didn’t think a few mins here and there would make a difference but I was wrong.
— Amelia
I have been so fed up recently and can’t shake the sadness. I have just realised exercise has slipped from my life and thank you to you and one of your exercise videos I just watched I am heading out for a run and feeling much more positive already.
— Ali
Your program is absolutely achievable and I don’t dread it. I think what I like most is that I’m appreciating my body and feel good doing it...particularly incorporating stretching!
— Alisha
Now whenever I feel lazy I say to myself, “Just move.”
— Heather
Finding a few minutes each day is so doable, even if it’s at night after the kids are in bed.
— Emma
I can feel my strength coming back, and I can see an improvement already. I love Lizzy. I think everyone loves Lizzy. She is very real, which I truly appreciate.
— Georgia
I haven’t missed a day exercising since starting Two Minute Moves. Today was the first day I haven’t started with something. By 1:30pm I was in a rage. The kids weren’t napping, dishes weren’t done, crap everywhere, I was exhausted etc etc. I dropped everything and did the anger buster moves. Wow. It’s a cliche, but the rage has gone. I feel energised and calm. This parenting gig is hard. You’ve just made it so much easier!
— Caitlin

Ready to bust through your obstacles?

Motivation. We don't wait for motivation here. We believe that action proceeds motivation and that the taking of action builds MOMENTUM which carries you forward to make the things you want in your life possible. If you're concerned you don't have the faith in yourself that you'll be able to stick to something like this then rest assured you're not about to come on board to a program where you'll be asked to do things that are impossible to maintain and could never work around your full life for very long. Instead, you'll get the small steps and a mindset that you can hang on to for the long term. And you'll have me keeping you on track, accountable and cheering you on.

Money and making yourself a priority. Don't worry, I've made sure this 22-day program stays super affordable for you. In fact, most people I know spend more on their coffee each week than the price of this program. Even still, if you're anything like I was, you might be quick to invest in anything that will benefit your kids or other's health and happiness but you find it hard to do it for yourself. That was certainly me until I had post-natal depression and the best thing I did was to change my attitude of putting everyone and everything else first and instead remember to put my own 'oxygen mask' on before assisting others. 

Take a moment to picture yourself after spending 22 days having done something positive for your physical and mental health every single day. What will those changes mean to you? How will others benefit if you are your fittest, healthiest, happiest self?  

Your Excuses Voice. As a Two Minute Move Transformer you will discover how to move and nourish your body every single day. To do it though we're going to be breaking some of the 'rules' you might have when it comes to exercise and self care - that it has to be a certain amount of time, location or equipment. Or perhaps that it has to look like what it used to when you were younger or before you had kids. We're going to free you from your own exercise 'police' and out of an all-or-nothing or sabotaging mindset. Even if you think you...

don’t have the time or energy
can’t get/stay motivated
never able to stick to anything
have little kids at home
hate the gym or hate exercise
think it’s too cold/rainy/hot
have anxiety/depression
are embarrassed about your body
don’t know the right thing to do
can’t be bothered or feel too lazy
find work/life gets in the way
feel too old/unfit/in pain/overweight
put everyone and everything else first
— Your Excuses Voice


Results. At first you might question how the little things we do in the Two Minute Moves Transformation program are going to get you the results that you are after. But it won't take long for you to realise that the small steps add up to make a big difference because you actually do them - and keep doing them consistently. They become a part of your life.

If anything else is stopping you from joining then please get in touch with me HERE.  

You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret to success is found in your daily routine.
— John C. Maxwell

Grab your BONUS while it lasts.

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Grab the chance to have a FREE 1-on-1 coaching session with me over Skype (audio or video) to give you the kickstart in the right direction before the program begins. We'll get in to the nitty gritty of what's getting in your way, what it is you're wanting to achieve, how to make sure you get the results you want plus set some personalised goals for you to track and work towards.  

When you are driven from a deep place of purpose such as Lizzy, it is difficult not to be motivated by her infectious and heartfelt energy. She has put so much thought into everything she has created, there is no other choice than to just get moving.
— Anna

Don’t miss your spot.

The Two Minute Moves Transformation is $44. That's just $2 a day. Join by the 12th of October and grab the early bird special of $36. 

Once you've joined you'll receive an email from me with how to claim your special bonus gift.

We kick off October 20th but join now to not miss out on your bonus gift PLUS keep an eye on your inbox in the lead up for some mindset goodies to get you ready. 

I'm so excited you're about to come on board. I know what a big deal it is to make yourself a priority. I can't wait to make it a whole lot easier for you to feel, look and live the way you want. You're going to love it. Love Lizzy.