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If time, motivation, mood or energy is getting in your way of exercising then it might be time to change your exercise 'rules'. Rather than waiting until you can get in a 60-minute fitness session, find little moments in your day that you can add exercise to them.
5 Exercises to do at a Stand-Up Desk, benefits of standing up more plus stand-up desk converter recommendations. Benefits = More energy, Better productivity, Less body stiffness, Stronger core and glutes, Flexible spine (less back pain).
Let's take this ingrained habit of brushing your teeth and add on some killer moves for your thighs. Not just the front of your thighs either: These moves involve some serious activation of your inner thighs, an often neglected area. If you need help with balance, hold on to the bathroom sink.

After a killer arm workout but don't have any equipment or can't get to the gym? No problem. Grab 2 of your biggest potatoes - I got these from the imperfect section at Harris Farm - and get lifting with these 5 moves that will work your biceps, triceps, and shoulders plus improve your posture.

It's easy to get a workout in when you're out walking your dog. Whether it's a Sniffing Squat or Wee Wee Walk-backs you'll find the inspiration you need to sneak in some exercise.

If you're after a fun cardio workout then this is for you. You'll be smiling and sweating at the same time - plus it is going to help you get fit. I didn't even feel like I was exercising when I did it.
5 exercises to do with your exercise ball/fitball/swiss ball sitting at your desk at work plus the benefits to your core, posture, and energy when you use one. Get the best deals on Exercise Balls/Fitballs/Swiss balls at: Amazon: Catch: What size ball to get?
If you're feeling like a bit of a couch potato and a session binge-watching Netflix on TV is more on the cards than a trip to the gym, then this workout is for you. 7 exercises for your core that you can do without leaving the couch during commercial breaks or your favourite show.
Do you ever find yourself turning to food when you're not hungry but instead you're bored, frustrated, stressed, anxious, lonely, overwhelmed...? Well, you're not alone. I am such an emotional eater and it starts to get me down sometimes.
You won't look at housework the same way again after incorporating these heart-pumping, whole body toning exercises into your clean up! If you are someone who has no time to exercise but is keen to get fitter, stronger and get some endorphins flowing to put you in a better mood (rather than the cranky one that housework puts you in) then turning housework into a workout is your answer.
Core and Arm toning exercise you can do in your car when you're stuck in traffic. Be sure to put on your hand brake before you lift your knees! Do you think you'd give these a go? Let me know and be sure to subscribe if you're after ways to fun ways to exercise when you only have 2 minutes.

Who needs dumbbells when you have wine bottles to tone and strengthen your arms? All you need is two minutes and believe me you're going to feel it.

The next time you are sitting on or pass a bench, use it as the perfect opportunity to sneak in a workout. Whether you're out walking the dog, looking after the kids, or even waiting at the bus stop, these moves will have your arms and core burning in only two minutes.
If you're struggling to find the time to exercise because you have a baby then this workout is for you. Here are some simple yet effective moves to work your core and lower body to get your strength and fitness back after having a baby.
On this episode of The Excuse Buster Show, Vashti shares what loss has taught her, how to live an extrordinary life and how life happens FOR you not TO you. Plus, some great tips and inspiration on finding purpose, leaving a legacy and being here, now.
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Live on The Excuse Buster Show with Libby Babet (Host of Channel 10's The Biggest Loser) and Sarah Roocroft (creator of Wired for Wonder) talking wonder, wellness and the powerful little things you can do to get more of both in to your world.
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