Movement holds the power to transform how you look, feel and live. However many of us find it challenging to make it a sustainable part of our lives. We face roadblocks of time, motivation and money. We forget to ‘put our own oxygen masks on first before assisting others’ or feel guilty when we do. We look at exercise as a chore or a punishment for eating a certain way. We exercise because we hate our bodies not because we love them.

It took hitting rock bottom for Lizzy to discover the small steps she needed to take to overcome post-natal depression and get her fitness, confidence and vitality back.  These steps have since helped the thousands of women that she has coached or do her online Two-Minute Workouts.   Through her stories, tips and take-home action steps, Lizzy will inspire and empower you to make your health and fitness a priority so you can experience the incredible ripple effect in your life when you do.


Lizzy Williamson was a jaw dropping way to start the evening. Her story was incredibly relevant to me and I was so touched and energised by her honesty.
— International Women's Day 'Your Story Matters' Event
Lizzy Williamson speaks about her story of overcoming depression through movement in Team Women Australia's Your Story Matters event for International Women's Day 2017.
Lizzy was an outstanding speaker. Thank you for sharing your raw and incredible story. You are a star.
— Chantal - Business Chicks 'Golden Door' event
Your talk at Golden Door really inspired me. Your honesty and I guess previous vulnerability really struck a chord with me. Now whenever I feel lazy I say to myself, “Just move”.
— Heather


If you're anything like me you'll be sitting most of the day at a conference, sometimes hearing the most inspiring speakers, and yet you start to get a bit tired, fidgety and your mind starts to wander. What we need at these times is to stand up, stretch and get some oxygen flowing to our brains. Whether it's the opening, the afternoon 'slump', or regular spots throughout the day, I give audiences the chance to move their bodies, enhancing their experience at your event. Discover how I can have your audience energised, focussed, engaged and feeling good.  Watch the video for a sneak peak and get in touch HERE.

Want your audience to be inspired and motivated to get moving too? Get in touch HERE.

No matter how interesting the content, it can be tiring looking at presentations and being indoors all day at a conference. When Lizzy jumped on stage with her big smile and energetic nature, we were thrilled with her practical, fun and easy workout. It was refreshing to to be able to move our bodies and we all felt energised for the afternoon.
— Marla, MINDD Conference
I found Lizzy so entertaining and authentic.
— International Women's Day 'Your Story Matters' Event


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Who can watch Lizzy without smiling?
Not me!!
— Amy


Do yourself a favour and kick start your year with the amazing Lizzy. Loving my personal training with this inspirational, supportive, knowledgable and focussed woman.
— Jennayah
Since starting your coaching programme I’ve seen a lot of changes in myself that I really needed. I just really needed that push to motivate myself and to start to really prioritise myself.
I am now mentally much more positive and generally a much happier person!
— Tracy

With over 15 years experience as a Personal Trainer I know exactly how to get you looking and feeling incredible. Get in touch HERE if you are want to make yourself a priority, get fitter and stronger, lose unwanted weight and actually enjoy yourself while you do. 
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Working out with Lizzy has been fantastic. She makes you feel totally at ease with your fitness level and tailors her program to suit where you are in your fitness journey. She makes sure that you are working out at the right level for you, increasing the intensity each time as your fitness level improves. And all with a big smile on her face. I feel fitter and very happy to get back into my old wardrobe.
— Leigh