22-minute workouts streamed to your home


reclaim your sanity, vitality & confidence,

This is the program I needed when I had two little kids at home with me and felt like there was NO WAY in the world I could fit exercise in to my day.

The problem was, because I wasn't giving anything back to myself, I felt stuck, overwhelmed, unfit and disconnected to my body and my needs. It was the words of my doctor who diagnosed me with post-natal depression that had me wake up to the fact that constantly giving to everyone and everything else was not only good for me but not good for my family either.

When you get on a plane they tell you to put your oxygen mask on first before assisting others.
That’s what you have to do.


So now I am here for you to have you discover how possible it is to reclaim not only your body but also your confidence, sanity, self- worth, energy and joy. Sound good? 

If you're someone who finds it hard to get self-motivated, out of the house or even hear the word 'exercise' then this program is for you. Whatever your exercise excuse is - I've got it covered. 

The No Excuses Exercise Program combines the best of Two Minute Moves in to a 22-minute fully personalised workout - streamed LIVE in to your own home. Yep, a Personal Trainer with over a decade experience (that's me) will be there waiting for you to get online and get moving.

I don't mind if you have kids running around, a baby in your arms, can't remember the last time you did a squat other than over a public toilet, or haven't had a good nights sleep in 2 years. I know how to get you moving to have you feeling energised and so good about yourself and what you've accomplished. 

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Can't wait to move with you.

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