The Excuse Buster PT & Coaching

Personal Training via Skype or in person

Want to keep on track and stay motivated with exercise but just can't seem to make it happen? Maybe you're really busy, can't get out of the house, you travel a lot, hate the gym, feel like you're too unfit, too lazy, you're self-conscious of your body or feel like it's all way too hard for your situation right now. 


As a certified Personal Trainer and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I've spent over a decade helping hundreds of people fall in love with their body and feel energised, fit and fabulous.  Now you can have me, a certified personal trainer with over a decade of experience, visit your home in person or via Skype with a 30 minute workout as many times a week as you like (all of my clients say they wish they could have me every day!) to keep you accountable and not let your excuses get in your way of getting your precious body moving. 

Working out with Lizzy has been fantastic. She makes you feel totally at ease with your fitness level and tailors her program to suit where you are in your fitness journey. She makes sure that you are working out at the right level for you, increasing the intensity each time as your fitness level improves. And all with a big smile on her face. I feel fitter and very happy to get back into my old wardrobe.
— Leigh

My clients may call me 'the smiling assassin' but they will also tell you that I am not about slamming your body and leaving you wiped out. I'm all about exercise that works super fast and effectively but that also nurtures your body. My sessions with you will not only deliver the results you are after but that you'll actually enjoy. 

Lizzy is approachable and down-to-earth, and a mother, and she understands what it is to feel like you can no longer do the things you once found easy. I am not too self-conscious to ask her to help me tone up my ‘tuck-shop arms’ or stop if part of my ageing body just won’t do what I would really love it to do, but isn’t quite up to!

I can feel my strength coming back, and I can see an improvement already. I love Lizzy. I think everyone loves Lizzy. She is very real, which I truly appreciate, because I don’t have time for inauthentic people these days. Life is just too short.
— Georgia

I can't wait to get started with you. $50 in person, $45 via Skype for your half hour of power! 


ps. If you're in the Northern Beaches of Sydney including Palm Beach, Whale Beach, Claireville, Avalon, Bilgola, Newport and Mona Vale then I can come to you! 

pps. Are you self motivated when it comes to exercise but need a workout plan or videos to follow? I do those too. 



Want to now how to get moving more at work so you and your team can be more energised, focussed and productive? I'll show you the practical and vital steps you can easily implement in to your work day to get you up off your chair. Heard the phrase, 'Sitting is the new smoking'? Not only does moving get your brain in to gear, it also reduces your risk of heart disease, weight gain and injuries. Change the way you work with a few small but super effective steps.  

The Excuse Buster Coaching

Since starting my coaching programme with Lizzy I’ve seen a lot of changes in myself that I really needed. I just really needed that push to motivate myself and to start to really prioritise myself.
I am now mentally much more positive and generally a much happier person!
— Tracy

Has the time come to reset, stop the excuses, break some habits and start feeling how you want to feel? Well, this is my speciality. It’s what I’ve done for my clients for many years and I’d love to do it for you. 

Join me for a one-on-one coaching session to dive deep in to what's really getting in your way with good exercise and food choices plus nut out the game-changing, sustainable action steps that will help you reach your goals including plans for exercise, self care and food. You will discover how to do this EVEN if you are totally stretched for time and energy or no matter how hard you try you can’t get/stay motivated. 

AUGUST SPECIAL! A one-on-one on 45-minute Skype (audio or video your choice) coaching call with me for $75.

is personal training, workout plans or coaching something you'd like in your week? Send me a message and tell me what you need.   

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Do yourself a favour and kick start your health with the amazing Lizzy. Loving my personal training with this inspirational, supportive, knowledgable and focussed woman.
— Jennayah