Two Minute Moves Live with Special Guests

An interview series to inspire you to get your precious body moving more. Lizzy visits the homes and workplaces of special guests who are rocking it in their work and life to ask them how exercise helps them, what they struggle with about it and how they make it part of their day. Then it's time to bust-through an exercise excuse with a Two Minute Move. Lots of laughs, ideas and insights on how exercise can help you live the life you want to live. Want to have the show in your inbox each week to keep you motivated and inspired to move more? Pop in your details below. 

two minute moves live with author, writer and editor, Amy molloy

Amy Molloy is a writer, editor of Collective Hub and author of a new book out now - The World Is a Nice Place: how to overcome adversity, joyfully. Through her own lessons learnt from difficult times in her life, such as having anorexia as a teenager and becoming a widow at 23, along with a decade of interviewing amazing people who have survived incredible challenges, Amy has shared in her book so many wonderful ideas and tangible tools to help you move forward in a practical and joyful way.

In this episode of Two Minute Moves TV, Amy is super honest about how exercise went wrong for her when she used it a a way to cope when grieving, how she slowly was able to go from exercise as punishment to being much more gentle with herself and then we channel our inner ballerinas and do a pre-natal Two Minute Move together.

two minute moves live with Low tox life's alexx stuart

So excited to be at Alexx Stuart’s home to talk about what she thinks of exercise, how she does it, what she struggles with about it and how it helps her. Then we do an excuse-busting Two Minute Move together to get you sitting less and moving more.

Alex is a real leader in the health and wellness world, with a mission to help you and the planet feel awesome. Her biz Low Tox Life will help you open your eyes to the things that are going to make you feel a whole lot healthier, happier and aware. Alexx makes it super easy for us through her very yummy recipes, courses, podcast and more. Yes she gives a lot to others which is why I’m keen to find out how she gives back to herself with something like exercise.

Two minute moves live with the mother's den, uldouz van eenoo

Along with looking after her 3 young boys, Uldouz dedicates many of her waking hours to helping other mums fulfil their business dreams through her work with The Mother's Den. But in amongst this, how does Uldouz give back to herself? How does she find the time to exercise? What are her big obstacles to doing it? I’ll be asking her this and more in our Live chat. Plus we’ll do an excuse busting Two Minute Move together to help get more centred and focused when you’ve got a lot going on in your brain!

two minute moves live with uberkate's kate sutton

Exercise Excuse-Busting with UberKate's Kate Sutton. How does this incredibly creative jeweller, running a thriving business, make exercise a part of her day? How does exercise help her in her work and life? How can you take a moment to move your body in order to get your creative juices, energy and productivity flowing?

two minute moves with mum society's kylie ostle

When it comes to motherhood, Kylie Ostle tells it how it is. She is also not afraid to stand up and shine a light on women’s rights in the workforce during pregnancy and maternity leave. She is the founder of Mum Society - sell-out monthly talks that inspire and support mums. Despite getting home from a family vacation a day or two ago and not even having unpacked yet, Kylie is letting me in to her home to talk all things exercise - why it can seem impossible to get in sometimes and what it means to her. Then, with a couple of kids in tow we are going to do a Two Minute Move together to bust through some exercise excuses. I’ve brought the wine bottles!

Two Minute Moves Live with Love Raw Treat's Amee Springall 

Meet Amee from Love Raw Treats. Rewind to 2014, she was hiding in the pantry cupboard at home, stuffing dairy milk chocolate into her mouth, desperately trying to get through the day. Amee had had a series of miscarriages, one ectopic pregnancy and a failed IVF cycle. Her anxiety was so bad she could barely hold a conversation. Even the simple act of walking was hard. Food played a huge role in Amee’s recovery and today in Two Minute Moves live we’re also talking about the role exercise played and still does. Oh and I’m going to see if we can eat her treats and workout at the same time!

Two Minute Moves Live with Channel 9 Journalist, Amelia Adams

Channel Nine Journalist, Amelia Adams, shares with Lizzy Williamson her change of exercise mindset since having children and how she was able to bust through her biggest exercise excuse. One that many of us know well - exhaustion! Then together they do a 2 minute cardio workout together that you can get your kids to join in on too.

two minute moves live with north shore mums', rachel chappell

North Shore Mums founder, Rachel Chappell, LIVE in the playground Two Minute Moving with me talking exercise mindset, excuses and how it helps her run a community of 28K mums along with being a mum of three kids.

two minute moves live with olympian & tv personality, elka whalan

Elka is one of those people you meet that radiates positivity and joy. When you talk to her you feel like you can do anything! She is an incredible champion of women in her work with QueenHood and so much more. I was lucky enough to have her host my book launch last year. In this episode of Two Minute Moves LIVE, I visit Elka to talk about exercise mindset (this woman is an Olympian after all) and how she now makes it a part of her life with four kids and a rocking career. Elka and I end up having a very fun dance-off with her one-year-old in tow. So fun.

two minute moves live with speaker & author, lucy bloom 

Replay of the LIVE interview with the brilliant Lucy Bloom about how exercise has helped her and how she fits it in with all her traveling and her big, busy life. I love what Lucy says about how she has stopped caring about how exercise makes her look and instead focussing on how it makes her feel. Lucy also shares what she is up to in her work which is VERY inspiring. Then we pick up the wine bottles and work the triceps in some Two Minute Moves!