The Excuse Buster Show 

An interview series where Lizzy visits the homes or workplaces of special guests to ask them about the little things they do that make a big difference to the way they feel and live their life. There's also some busting of excuses and obstacles that get in our way. Lots of ideas, inspiration and game-changing doable steps for you to make part of your life right now. Want to have the show in your inbox each week to keep you motivated, inspired and entertained? Pop in your details below. 

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episode 35. with anna kellerman of mama creatives

'I'm not creative' is something that Anna Kellerman, founder of Mama Creatives and art therapist, hears a lot. In this episode of The Excuse Buster Show, Anna shares with us the practises to help spark creativity and perhaps bring back a creative part of your self that has been lost. She also gives us some of her art therapy techiques plus how to make it easier to get you and your kids doing creative activities at home.

episode 34. with Stacey Clare - Health Coach

If the question, 'What's for dinner?' fills you with dread then you want to tune in to this episode as our guest, Stacey Clare, is an expert in meal planning and cooking with a whole lot less stress, time, energy and money. Stace is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, author of e-books - Stace’s Quick and Healthy Breakfasts and The Healthy Lunch - plus recipe developer, cooking demonstrater and mum of three. In this episode she shares her tip tips to making cooking so much easier, how to cook smarter and feel so good about the way you are feeding yourself and your family.


If the way you eat and what you eat is holding you back from feeling good then tune in to this episode. Author of 'Making Peace Before You Eat' and 'Love Life and Gluten Free', Angie has some game-changing practises and tools to help with emotional eating, sugar cravings and bringing a whole lot more veggies in to your diet.

I loved what Angie had to say on settting an intention to eat for nourishment rather than eating to achieve thiness.

Find out more about Angie at and join the Making Peace Before You Eat Facebook community HERE.

episode 32. with vashti whitfield

On this episode of The Excuse Buster Show, Vashti shares what loss has taught her, how to live an extrordinary life and how life happens FOR you not TO you. Plus, some great tips and inspiration on finding purpose, leaving a legacy and being here, now.  

“Grief is grief and loss is loss; at some point we will all experience losing something or someone that we passionately love. But it is up to us as individuals as to whether we make the conscious decision to dive into the potential of what life still so abundantly has to offer, or whether we choose to remain firmly in the shadow of our loss. There is always a choice, even if it is not the one that we had ever imagined.” Vashti Whitfield.

Vashti has spent the last few years travelling all over the globe with a feature length documentary that captured the last year of her husband Andy Whitfield’s life and death, teaching, speaking and sharing her hugely inspiring approach to life, loss and legacy. The doco, Be Here Now, is on Netflix and the next time you are searching for something to watch - make it this movie. It is extraordinary.

episode 31. with the hope project's jane seselja

My guest today on the Excuse Buster Show knows about addiction and shame. Kate Seselja of The Hope Project was driven to total despair in 2012 when the mother of 6 almost took her life, after battling an addiction for over 12 years. She then went on to develop a system for living a life of sustainable mental health called AWAKE derived from her own journey. "The only way to stop the constant flow of people into struggle that they get trapped in, is to skill and equip people proactively."

Kate delivers workshops, is a sought after speaker, delivered a courageous TedX talk and is the founder of The Hope Project which is changing the way society views struggle, destroying stigma and challenges the systems that cause human harm.

Find out more about Kate and to have her to speak, run workshops or screen the powerful documentary, Resilience – The Biology of Stress and the Science of Hope - for your community, get in touch at

Lifeline 13 11 14.

episode 30. with jane grover

Welcome to The Excuse Buster Show where we bust through what gets in your way of feeling how you want to feel and living the life you want to live. My guest today is Jane Grover and she is going to empower and inspire us to get cooking in a healthy, enjoyable way!

Jane is a qualified chef, a cook, the author of two cookbooks, a speaker who also runs amazing workshops. She is incredibly passionate about helping people live a healthier lifestyle. LOVE this woman. Get Jane’s recipes at

Shoutout to Lorna Jane for my outfit that I LOVE 💕

episode 29. with decluttering Diva, kristina Duke

If clutter, disorganization or chaos in your home or life is holding you back then tune in because my guest today is an Expert Accredited Professional Organiser! Kristina Duke is the founder of Decluttering Diva and is your personal trainer of order. She is going to share the skills we need to declutter our stuff, the systems to organize your space. Plus how to keep it that way. These are little things you can do each day that make a big difference to how organised, clutter free your house is and therefore your head is! Connect with Kristina at

episode 28. with heartglow yoga's Kelli Prieur

Welcome to The Excuse Buster Show! If body image issues are getting in your your way of feeling how you want to feel and living the way you want to live then be sure to tune in to this episode as my guest today is a body love warrior! Kelli Prieur is a yoga guru and founder of HeartGlow Yoga - Kelli's HeartGlow Yoga Retreats - which runs workshops, events and retreats around the world. She is here to help us bust through a limiting belief that we have to look a certain way to feel good about and love ourselves. Plus what we can practice each day to turn our body hate around. Kelli is awesome. You don’t want to miss this.

Connect with Kelli at

Follow on Insta at @kelliheartglowyoga

epsiode 27. with sydney anxiety clinic's jodie lowinger

If anxiety, stress or worry is holding you back then you want to tune in to this episode as my guest Jodie Lowinger is the founder and principal clinical psychologist of the Sydney Anxiety Clinic where she helps children, adolescents and adults reduce anxiety plus build resilience.

Jodie is also the founder of Mind Strength which combines leading edge clinical psychology with practical tools to help organizations, individuals and school kids make positive changes faster and achieve their potential.

Find out more about Jodie and how she can help you at

episode 26. with beautiful minds' marina passalaris

 If self-esteem, SOCIAL MEDIA or anxiety is getting in your way of feeling good and doing what you want to do or you’re concerned about it for your children, then don’t miss this episode of The Excuse Buster Show.

Marina Passalaris is a trailblazer in her work to help support teenage girls with the challenging issues they face. Marina launched Beautiful Minds Australia in 2007 and through her tireless work it has become the leading provider of self-esteem and confidence education. 👏👏

Describing herself as a bridge between parents and their daughters, Marina is not afraid to tackle the tough topics so that our girls can feel empowered, educated and supported. 💕💕

Having two pre-teen daughters myself, to say that I’m excited about this conversation is an understatement. We’ll be talking about body image, anxiety, social media and more plus what we can do to help build more self-esteem and confidence. 👍🏽👍🏽

Find out how Beautiful Minds can help you and your teen at

episode 25. with 'nuture her' co-founders sarah roocroft and libby babet

Live on The Excuse Buster Show with Libby Babet (Host of Channel 10’s The Biggest Loser) and Sarah Roocroft (creator of Wired for Wonder) talking wonder, wellness and the powerful little things you can do to get more of both in to your world. These two have built rocking careers in both these areas and now are joining forces to bring you Nurture Her - a retreat to elevate your business, challenge you to think big and new ideas, all surrounded by like-minded individuals. Sound good? Check it out at

episode 24. with body beyond baby's jen dugard

If pelvic floor, prolapse or being pre/post baby is holding you back from being as strong, fit and confident as you want to be then be sure to watch this live episode of The Excuse Buster Show with special guest, Body Beyond Baby founder Jen Dugard.

Jen is a mum on a mission to help her fellow mums rebuild their bodies from the inside out. She runs programs and workshops on A Safe Return to Exercise to ensure all mums and fitness pros are educated in this area.

She also says that 50% of women don’t know how to do pelvic floor exercises correctly so she’s going to take us through what we need to be doing and why.


episode 23. with mums with hustle, tracy harris

If lack of time is something that holds you back from doing what you want to do then you want to tune in to this episode of The Excuse Buster Show. My guest today Tracy Harris, founder of Mums With Hustle, is going to show us how to work a whole lot smarter and in a way that doesn’t come at a cost of ignoring what’s most important - our health, sanity, happiness and loved ones. Are you someone who hears themselves say, ‘I don’t have time to exercise/meditate/eat well/take care of myself...?’ Tracy is here to bust that excuse! 

To get access to a whole lot of awesome free stuff that Tracy offers plus her podcast and online courses head to

To be part of Tracy’s FB group go to

Follow on 

No time to exercise? You need the Two Minute Moves 5 Day Challenge so you’ll never say that again! Join for free at


In this episode of the Excuse Buster Show, Cassie Mendoza-Jones is going to help break through what holds many of us back - self-doubt, fear of failure and perfectionism plus show us the practical ways to trust in ourselves more and stop pushing so hard. Cassie is the best selling author of two books, It’s All Good and You Are Enough, plus is a naturopath, kinesiologist, speaker and business alignment coach. She has some awesome tips to help with high expectations and to get you out of your head. 

Check out Cassie’s books, coaching and free resources at

Thanks to Lorna Jane for my fab activewear.

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episode 21. with mummy time tv's chezzi denyer

Joining me on this episode of The Excuse Buster Show is Mummy Time TV's Chezzi Denyer. This is someone not afraid to talk about the things in motherhood that we are so often too ashamed, embarrassed or scared to share. You know those things we’ve been thinking but don’t want to say out loud? That’s what Chezzi does and thanks to her we feel a lot less alone and less like a failure because of it.

For more info on PANDA go to

If you are experiencing symptoms of anxiety or depression it is important to get help. See your doctor or call Lifeline on 13 11 14 or PANDA on 1300 726 306.

episode 20. with shelly horton

MC and television presenter extraordinaire Shelly Horton, together with her very cute dog, Mr Barkley, joins me today on The Excuse Buster Show to help breakthrough what’s getting in your way of achieving what you want in your work and weight loss.

Shelly also shares her mindset tips and tools for getting where you want to be with your work and weight plus how she learnt to trust and feel good about her body and exercise. So many wonderful stories in this episode with the amazing honesty and humour she is known for. So many game-changing takeaways that you don’t want to miss. 

We also do some Two Minute Moves together that you can easily fit in when you're out walking your dog or even at your desk at work. They are stretches to relieve and strengthen your lower back. 

I also have a special surprise for Mr Barkley and his mum thanks to the team at DOOG - Dog Owners Outdoor Gear who were inspired to create their range of gorgeous, practical products because of their love of getting out and exercising with their own dogs.

Check out Shelly’s presentation training course at

And the SuperFastDiet SuperFastDiet she’s following at

If anyone is struggling with body image issues please contact the Butterfly Foundation on 1800 334 673

episode 19. with sugar's canna campbell

Today’s episode of The Excuse Buster Show is with Canna Campbell from SugarMamma.TV where we bust through what’s getting in the way of achieving financial health and freedom. Canna talks about the most common mindset mistakes we make about money plus how financial stress can be incredible toxic on our health. She takes us through the doable small steps to get us into a much better financial position so that money doesn't get in the way of doing the things we want to do.

Check out more about Canna including her book, The $1000 Project, at the Sugar Mamma.TV website HERE

EPISODE 18. WITH co-founder of Mums & Co, carrie kwan

Guilt, isolation, loss of identity, time....if you’re a mum in business, these things and more can really get in your way of achieving your idea of success. So how do you bust through these obstacles and be more self confident, connected and kinder to yourself? I"m chatting with Carrie Kwan, cofounder of MUMS&Co, to find out what she’s learnt from her own experience plus that of the thousands of mum entrepreneurs she supports around Australia. She shares some valuable wisdom on confidence, pitching yourself and your business value, and capital raising! Carrie is on a mission to make it a whole lot easier for women to not have to choose between (and struggle so much with) motherhood and ambition. 

I’ll be up on stage getting everyone moving and energised at this year’s Mums & CO’s Conference, MPowered. It’s an all day event in Sydney on 18 filled with ‘information, inspiration & a tribe of likeminded women who know exactly what you’re going through - because we’re right here with you!’ Check it out and get 10% off the ticket price by using the promo code 2MINUTEMOVES HERE.


Busting some exercise excuses and keeping it real with the brilliant Mrs Woog of Woogworld and Mrs Berry of Allconsuming. Wine bottle workout anyone?

Mrs Woog and Mrs Berry tell it like it is when it comes to all things perimenopause, wobbly bits and getting back in to exercise. They share their rock bottom moments along with their strategies for keeping going including breathing techniques and a 'doona day.'

Shout out to Lorna Jane for my outfit that is keep me so warm and cozy. Loving it. You don’t want cold weather to get in your way of getting out and getting moving.

We talk in this episode about experiencing symptoms of anxiety and depression. If you need help in this area then get in touch with your doctor or Lifeline on 13 11 14.

Check out the hilarious Hot Flush podcast here

episode 16. with creator and CEO of modibodi, Kristy chong

Busting through the 3 P’s that can get in our way of being active - period, perspiration and pee! My guest today is on a mission to empower women, helping them be more confident, comfortable and take care of the planet at the same time. Kristy Chong is the CEO and creator of Modibodi - a collection of underwear and swimwear that makes the 'unmentionable' mentionable. She is a social advocate of women's health issues and rights, is out there breaking taboos with her conversations and campaigns, has just added another trophy to her shelf as the winner of this year's NSW Business Woman of the Year Award, is a mum of 3 and anyone I mention her name to replies, 'Oh I love her!'

Find out more about Modibodi at

episode 15. with the founder of happy mama, amy taylor-kabbaz

Even though I wish I knew about Amy when my girls were little and I had totally lost myself to shame, perfectionism, guilt and overwhelm, I’m sooooo glad I know her now. Amy believes that motherhood is our greatest teacher. She helps mums find themselves again and ‘navigate mamahood with all the noise of social media, parenting experts, inner critics and all that the world throws at us.’ Amy is the founder of Happy Mama which is home to a magazine, podcast, coaching, events plus a must-read book with the same title.

We’re lucky enough to turn the camera on to Amy to find out what her attempts to ‘have it all’ did to her health, why she (and so many of us) struggled making self care a priority and the little things she has learnt along the way that have made a big difference to the way she lives her life.

A must-watch for any mum feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, running from one activity to the next and losing it at their kids. Amy shares her journey to letting go of perfectionism, the buzz of being asked, 'how do you do it?' and getting meditation in to her life in a way that you can easily too. Even when you're making dinner.

episode 14. with fitness expert, master trainer, kid's coach and more, ali cavill  

You may have seen Ali Cavill of Fit Fantastic on stage or on tv either centre stage or alongside the biggest names in the Australian fitness industry like Michelle Bridges. She was a finalist in this year's Blackmores Inspirational Women 2018 'Women + WellBeing' awards, is a Master Trainer, coaches school kids, plus is a champion and ambassador for many community events, brands and charities. Hard to believe that Ali got a membership to a gym for the first time only 8 years ago. 

She shares that experience, what she sees hold women back from exercising, what the kid’s that she coaches at schools need the most, what she sees them struggling with and a lot more in this episode. Alongside some fantastic mindset tips, Ali takes us through a great warm up and park bench routine that your triceps will thank you for. Love this woman. Love this conversation. 

episode 13. two minute moves live with best-selling author, podcast host, motivational speaker, Melissa ambrosini

Melissa Ambrosini joins me for this episode of Two Minute Moves TV - where you’ll discover the little things that make a big difference to the way you feel and live this one precious life. Melissa is the bestselling author of Mastering Your Mean Girl, host of 'The Melissa Ambrosini Show' podcast, a motivational speaker, an entrepreneur and self-love teacher. Her fabulous new book, Open Wide, is out now. In this episode we’ll be having a conversation about the times in her life that Melissa has struggled with food, exercise and body image and the lessons she’s learnt along the way to master her mean girl and operate from a place of love rather than fear. She also shares her exercise routine, how she overcomes her excuses, plus takes us through a meditation that is so easy to fit it to your day. 

episode 12. two minute moves live with founder of a healthy view, nutritionist, speaker and author, michele Chevalley Hedge

Through the fads, quick fixes that sometimes comes with the health and wellness industry, my guest today on Two Minute Moves TV stands out with her realness, experience and research to back up what she says. Michele Chevalley Hedge has shared a stage speaking with the Dalai Lama, is a qualified nutritionist and founder of A Healthy View - Michele Chevalley Hedge where she sees clients, runs online courses and workshops, she has written a fabulous new book, The Australian Healthy Hormone Diet, and is one of the most passionate, driven people I know.

Get the book and find out more at

Today I’ve come to visit her to hear her own personal health journey, if there’s been a time in her life that she’s struggled with food, exercise or stress and the little things she does that have made and still make a big difference. We do a 'Two Minute Move' couch pilates workout together for when you're crashed on the couch reading a book or binge-watching Netflix.

Expect both some tears and laughter along with some game-changing insights and doable action steps you’ll want to integrate in to your life.

episode 11. two minute moves live with 2 x jiu jitsu world champion, shantelle thompson

Live from the sunny Gold Coast with 2 x Jiu-Jitsu World Champion, community leader, Oceania Wrestling Champion, 2018 Commonwealth Games Ambassador, mother of 3 with a story to tell of how she overcame post-natal depression, Shantelle Thompson - Barkindji Warrior. Sometimes hitting rock bottom sets you on a path of not only healing yourself but also being able to use your lessons learnt and tools you’ve discovered to able to help others. Shantelle @barkindjiwarrior has an amazing story of how being physically active saved her life and what she has gone on to do after her experience with postnatal depression is so inspiring. She shares her amazing story and a whole lot more - including some moves she does throughout her day to keep her body from getting stiff and tight. 

episode 10. two minute moves live with author, writer and editor, Amy molloy

Amy Molloy is a writer, editor of Collective Hub and author of a new book out now - The World Is a Nice Place: how to overcome adversity, joyfully. Through her own lessons learnt from difficult times in her life, such as having anorexia as a teenager and becoming a widow at 23, along with a decade of interviewing amazing people who have survived incredible challenges, Amy has shared in her book so many wonderful ideas and tangible tools to help you move forward in a practical and joyful way.

In this episode of Two Minute Moves TV, Amy is super honest about how exercise went wrong for her when she used it a a way to cope when grieving, how she slowly was able to go from exercise as punishment to being much more gentle with herself and then we channel our inner ballerinas and do a pre-natal Two Minute Move together.

episode 09. two minute moves live with Low tox life's alexx stuart

So excited to be at Alexx Stuart’s home to talk about what she thinks of exercise, how she does it, what she struggles with about it and how it helps her. Then we do an excuse-busting Two Minute Move together to get you sitting less and moving more.

Alex is a real leader in the health and wellness world, with a mission to help you and the planet feel awesome. Her biz Low Tox Life will help you open your eyes to the things that are going to make you feel a whole lot healthier, happier and aware. Alexx makes it super easy for us through her very yummy recipes, courses, podcast and more. Yes she gives a lot to others which is why I’m keen to find out how she gives back to herself with something like exercise.

episode 08. Two minute moves live with the mother's den, uldouz van eenoo

Along with looking after her 3 young boys, Uldouz dedicates many of her waking hours to helping other mums fulfil their business dreams through her work with The Mother's Den. But in amongst this, how does Uldouz give back to herself? How does she find the time to exercise? What are her big obstacles to doing it? I’ll be asking her this and more in our Live chat. Plus we’ll do an excuse busting Two Minute Move together to help get more centred and focused when you’ve got a lot going on in your brain!

episode 07. two minute moves live with uberkate's kate sutton

Exercise Excuse-Busting with UberKate's Kate Sutton. How does this incredibly creative jeweller, running a thriving business, make exercise a part of her day? How does exercise help her in her work and life? How can you take a moment to move your body in order to get your creative juices, energy and productivity flowing?

episode 06. two minute moves with mum society's kylie ostle

When it comes to motherhood, Kylie Ostle tells it how it is. She is also not afraid to stand up and shine a light on women’s rights in the workforce during pregnancy and maternity leave. She is the founder of Mum Society - sell-out monthly talks that inspire and support mums. Despite getting home from a family vacation a day or two ago and not even having unpacked yet, Kylie is letting me in to her home to talk all things exercise - why it can seem impossible to get in sometimes and what it means to her. Then, with a couple of kids in tow we are going to do a Two Minute Move together to bust through some exercise excuses. I’ve brought the wine bottles!

episode 05. Two Minute Moves Live with Love Raw Treat's Amee Springall 

Meet Amee from Love Raw Treats. Rewind to 2014, she was hiding in the pantry cupboard at home, stuffing dairy milk chocolate into her mouth, desperately trying to get through the day. Amee had had a series of miscarriages, one ectopic pregnancy and a failed IVF cycle. Her anxiety was so bad she could barely hold a conversation. Even the simple act of walking was hard. Food played a huge role in Amee’s recovery and today in Two Minute Moves live we’re also talking about the role exercise played and still does. Oh and I’m going to see if we can eat her treats and workout at the same time!

Episode 04. Two Minute Moves Live with Channel 9 Journalist, Amelia Adams

Channel Nine Journalist, Amelia Adams, shares with Lizzy Williamson her change of exercise mindset since having children and how she was able to bust through her biggest exercise excuse. One that many of us know well - exhaustion! Then together they do a 2 minute cardio workout together that you can get your kids to join in on too.

Episode 03. two minute moves live with north shore mums', rachel chappell

North Shore Mums founder, Rachel Chappell, LIVE in the playground Two Minute Moving with me talking exercise mindset, excuses and how it helps her run a community of 28K mums along with being a mum of three kids.

episode 02. two minute moves live with olympian & tv personality, elka whalan

Elka is one of those people you meet that radiates positivity and joy. When you talk to her you feel like you can do anything! She is an incredible champion of women in her work with QueenHood and so much more. I was lucky enough to have her host my book launch last year. In this episode of Two Minute Moves LIVE, I visit Elka to talk about exercise mindset (this woman is an Olympian after all) and how she now makes it a part of her life with four kids and a rocking career. Elka and I end up having a very fun dance-off with her one-year-old in tow. So fun.

Episode 01. two minute moves live with speaker & author, lucy bloom 

Replay of the LIVE interview with the brilliant Lucy Bloom about how exercise has helped her and how she fits it in with all her traveling and her big, busy life. I love what Lucy says about how she has stopped caring about how exercise makes her look and instead focussing on how it makes her feel. Lucy also shares what she is up to in her work which is VERY inspiring. Then we pick up the wine bottles and work the triceps in some Two Minute Moves!