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Love Lizzy x

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Hi Happy Mama listeners! 

Lizzy here. I hope you enjoyed listening to this episode of the Happy Mama Podcast as much as I did being on it. 

Here is a workout you can do when you're out and about and see a park bench or a step. Doing these moves are an easy way to get some exercise in to your life when you don't have much time. Taking small steps like this in my day has always helped me and I hope it makes you feel stronger, energised and gives you that great feeling you get from doing something for YOU. 

Don't forget to pop in your details in the Join Me Here box before you watch so I can send you one of my 2 Minute Workouts each week to do at your kitchen bench, brushing your teeth, on the couch and so much more.

I love doing the 2 min workouts, sometimes adding a couple or more together to work full body. My 3yo son has been getting in on it too which is fun!! I love how I feel afterwards- revitalised and feeling good that I got moving.
— Nadia