No matter how interesting the content, it can be tiring looking at presentations and being indoors all day at a conference. When Lizzy jumped on stage with her big smile and energetic nature, we were thrilled with her practical, fun and easy workout. It was refreshing to to be able to move our bodies and we all felt energised for the afternoon.
— Marla

I keep audiences energised and focussed at conferences by doing getting audiences off their chairs to stretch out tired muscles, increase oxygen flow to the brain and get an endorphin-boost with a dance.

If you're anything like me you'll be sitting most of the day at an event, sometimes hearing the most inspiring speakers, and yet you start to get a bit tired, fidgety and your mind starts to wander. What we need at these times is to get up and move. Whether it's the opening, the afternoon 'slump', or regular spots throughout the day, I give audiences the chance to move their bodies, enhancing their experience at events.

It makes for fantastic photos and videos, is a great way for attendees to connect with each other, plus they takeaway vital little ways they can implement more movement at work to help them perform at their optimum.

Discover how I can have your audience energised, focussed, engaged and feeling good by getting in touch HERE.

Lizzy was outstanding – so inspiring, raw, honest and vulnerable. I loved ending the night on a dance.
Inspiring! Good tips to move, particularly if you work in an office environment.
I found Lizzy so entertaining and authentic.
Fantastic. Very motivating, encouraging. Real things to do that add up over time.


My favourite brilliant concept (because they were all so true) was the idea that exercise doesn’t have to be structured, formal, 1 hour, travelled to in gym gear – the typical ‘stereotype’. So refreshing and what an amazing journey. Absolutely loved the dance class too. It was great fun and a serious work out.

Movement holds the power to transform how you look, feel and live. However many of us find it challenging to make it a sustainable part of our lives. We face roadblocks of time, motivation and money. We forget to ‘put our own oxygen masks on first before assisting others’ or feel guilty when we do. We look at exercise as a chore or a punishment for eating a certain way. We exercise because we hate our bodies not because we love them.

It took hitting rock bottom for Lizzy to discover the small steps she needed to take to overcome post-natal depression and get her fitness, confidence and vitality back.  These steps have since helped the thousands of women that she has coached or do her online Two-Minute Workouts.   Through her stories, tips and take-home action steps, Lizzy will inspire and empower you to make your health and fitness a priority so you can experience the incredible ripple effect in your life when you do.

Lizzy Williamson was a jaw dropping way to start the evening. Her story was incredibly relevant to me and I was so touched and energised by her honesty.
Real, authentic, raw, vulnerable and energised. Loved Lizzy’s ‘Dance Yourself Happy’ class and her evening session was amazing! Great value and tips.

Lizzy has everyone busting their exercise excuses and rules at the Libraries for Life event.

Lizzy Williamson speaks about her story of overcoming depression through movement in Team Women Australia's Your Story Matters event for International Women's Day 2017.
Lizzy was an outstanding speaker. Thank you for sharing your raw and incredible story. You are a star.
Real, authentic, raw, vulnerable and energised. Loved Lizzy’s ‘Dance Yourself Happy’ class and her evening session was amazing! Great value and tips.
When you are driven from a deep place of purpose such as Lizzy, it is difficult not to be motivated by her infectious and heartfelt energy. She has put so much thought into everything she has created, there is no other choice than to just get moving.
— Anna Kellerman
Your talk at Golden Door really inspired me. Your honesty and I guess previous vulnerability really struck a chord with me. Now whenever I feel lazy I say to myself, “Just move”.


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Who can watch Lizzy without smiling?
Not me!!
— Amy


We all know that we should be moving more, but sometimes it can feel impossible to find the time or motivation to even get started. This book makes that first step easy.

Lizzy Williamson has spent over a decade helping women to get their bodies, energy and confidence back. With more than 50 fun and simple exercises, you'll learn how to make working out a part of your every day, whether you're on the couch watching TV, at the kitchen bench waiting for the kettle to boil, at the playground with the kids or just clinging to a bottle of wine (yes, a bottle of wine can make you fitter!).

Backed up with down-to-earth advice and the inspiring true story of how Lizzy found herself through movement, TWO-MINUTE MOVES is the guide to stopping the excuses and reaping the benefits of a happier, healthier more energised life. It starts with two minutes.