The little moments

How often do you give back to yourself?

The first time I did a workout at my kitchen bench was when my mindset on doing something for myself changed. Before that moment eight years ago, I thought self-care and exercise was way too hard for me. I had two little girls, was so tired, had post-natal depression so there was no way I was getting myself to that ninety minute boxing class or an hour jog I used to do. That meant I couldn't do anything, right?

If it couldn't be a certain amount of time, if I couldn't leave the house or if it wasn't going to give me certain results (e.g. the perfect body) then there was no point. In this mindset I felt completely stuck.

When I began doing a few moves at my kitchen bench, I realised that taking even a little moment to do something, no matter how small or insignificant it felt at the time, was so worthwhile. That is counted. It gave me a feeling of achievement, a boost in my self-worth for doing something for me, and that was enough to keep me coming back for more. But I know it's not easy.

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Here is a photo of a moment that was captured by my hubby on the weekend of  my daughters and I lying in sun as I gave them each a massage. I am running on overdrive at the moment with the book launch fast approaching. I've been stressed out with trying to remember to organise dinner for kids that is more than a piece of toast, been racked with guilt of the amount of hours the babysitter is looking after them and feel like I have got to the end of my day and even though o've been working my butt off I'm not exactly sure what I've achieved.

I tend to get things organised on the weekend but I looked over at my daughters as I was cleaning up in the kitchen and decided that now was the moment to take a moment. So out in the sun we went and even though the washing didn't put itself away, the emails started piling up, I had the most beautiful moment with them and for me (they fell asleep!)

I lay there thinking about the power of the moment and what it would look like if you were to find one moment in your day to give back to yourself. Not waited until you could go on a weekend health retreat, the deadline was completed, your kids were older or the house looked like something out of Home Beautiful. You just did one little achievable something that made you feel good. . 

At the end of the week:

What would that look like?
What would that feel like?
What would that do for your self-esteem?
What would that do for your self worth?

What would that do for your family?

 I'll be talking about this in my Facebook Live Session tomorrow if you want to join me at 2pm Tuesday Sydney time. Plus stay tuned in this blog for more on why each moment counts and how to take them.

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Love Lizzy


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