Back Yourself

A couple of months ago in what felt like a sea of no’s and setbacks, I lost my self-confidence. Do you know that feeling? When you begin to doubt yourself, your abilities, plans and dreams? Well it hit me big time. When anyone would ask me what I had going on I had to hold back the tears as I tried muster up a confident answer.

You see, I didn’t sell as many books as I was hoping to. I thought if I worked hard enough I would be adding Best Selling Author to my bio. I put all that I had in to getting the book out there and my expectations on what was going to happen were high. And what happened when they weren’t met? I felt like a failure. And my confidence plummeted.

But, as someone who knows the mental health downward spiral, I knew what the situation called for. And that was action. Even if it felt HARD. So I kept going for it with my Live show I’ve been doing (and LOVING), despite kicking away a black dog at my heels and many, many tears.

Feeling really stressed out, I asked myself a week or so ago, What’s good? And along with many personal things in my life, the answer was my show. ‘It’s time to back yourself’, a voice in my head said, loud and clear. And that’s been my mantra I’ve been repeating to myself ever since. BACK YOURSELF. It feels good and it’s working.