Muting your mean girl, becoming a wrestling world champion, managing hormones plus more lessons learnt from my show.

Hi Two Minute Mover. I arrived at Melissa Ambrosini's home yesterday to film a live episode of Two Minute Moves TV. I was pumped and nervous. Melissa did an Instagram Story shout-out to her 101K followers that we were about to go live and guess what? I couldn't get the damn technology working.

Trying to control my panic, no matter what I did the screen remained black when I tried to go Live. We ended up recording so I could upload later and it was a wonderful conversation that I highly recommend you watch - especially if you have a 'mean girl' in your head that likes to tell you everything that you're doing wrong and that you're not good enough.

But boy, oh, boy did my mean girl get stuck in to me on the way home. 

'You idiot! You should have done this, done that, what a stuff up you've made, she must think you're hopeless, everyone will think you're so unreliable...'

On and on it went. 

But thanks to some brilliant steps I'd learnt from Melissa I was able to take some deep breaths and mute that mean girl. It made me realise just how prevalent that voice is in my head so I'm on a mission to practise every day to change it.   

This is one of the MANY lessons, action steps and insights my amazing guests have shared on these episodes. Have a watch and discover the little things you can easily do that make a big difference to the way you feel and live your life.  

Love Lizzy

ps. Anyone you'd love to see on the show? Drop me a line and I'll ask them.