10X2 has launched!

When I was at one of the darkest points in my life I started doing two minutes of exercise and somehow, thanks to this incredibly powerful tool called movement, I found myself climbing back out of this downward spiral and in to a place where I could look at my beautiful baby and toddler again and experience true joy. 

Two minutes was all I had in me some days be it from time, exhaustion, lack of motivation or my mood. But some days, I could do more. The 10X2 Workout has been born from many of you asking me for more. I love the idea of doing 10 x 2 minute intervals. It feels more achievable somehow. You can tell that excuses voice, Just do 2 minutes. Now another 2 minutes, and before you know it you’ve spent 20 minutes giving back to your body, mind and soul. The workouts are catered to all fitness levels and will have you feeling stronger, fitter, more energized and more at peace with the world. We’ll have some fun with them too by sometimes picking up a wine bottle to use as weights. 

This is already turning in to a very special community of people who have become members. On a private Facebook page, you’ll get 10 new workouts a month, many of which will be live but all will be available to watch back any time. They’ll also be delivered to your inbox by 5am. As a member you are also going to have me making sure you don’t miss out each week on the incredible benefits that exercise brings not only to you but also the people you love and to what you are contributing to the world. If you sometimes need a gentle kick up the backside to make your health and fitness a priority then I’m your gal. 

You’ll have access to plenty more good stuff going on as a member. You’re going to love it. And I made it $2 a week because I didn’t want money getting in the way of you investing in the most important person to take care of - YOU. 

Grab your spot now. www.twominutemoves.com/10x2