My big mistake with my new LIVE show

So, my dear Two Minute Mover, I was waiting. And it was driving me crazy. After my book coming out last year the plan was to do a show next. But I needed some cash to shoot it properly so I could afford to have a second camera, a crew. I needed my profile to be bigger so guests would say yes. I waited. 

Then because ABC was interested in doing a show with me I waited, and waited to hear back from them if it was a yes.

While I was waiting I didn't take any action and it was really making me feel depressed. I have since realised that moments in my life that I have been waiting for the 'conditions to be perfect' and not taking any action are the moments I have felt really blah and stuck.

The big one was when I was waiting to have more time to exercise and so I did nothing. 

An interesting thing happened to me when I was on school holidays in Noosa staying with my mum. I went for a jog through the National Park and ended up jogging alongside someone. We got in to a conversation, which I've never done before on a jog with a stranger, and she started telling me about how she'd recently been to see motivational speaker, Tony Robbins, on stage. When I asked her the thing she really took from the weekend, her response was, 'resourcefulness'. The idea that if you want to do something and there are a lot of barriers in your way, you get resourceful until you can find another way to make that happen. 

I felt like I was meant to meet this woman to hear this word and to realise that all these barriers that I thought were getting in the way of producing a show in the hope that it would inspire you to bust through your exercise excuses and get moving more, were totally possible to overcome. It was this set idea of how it had to be to be 'perfect' that was getting in my way.

I love the parallels to exercise of this lesson. Before I had kids, I always had this idea of what exercise needed to look like. I know I'm not alone in this mindset. If it can't be that hour, a certain intensity and location, that instead of doing something we don't do anything at all.

So what did I have to do after ABC passed on the show and a big personal investment financially wasn't possible? I thought, ok, what is available to me to film this show without a massive budget/crew/network etc? The answer was, I could film these episodes LIVE and therefore I didn't need to have all the time and money to edit and put it all together. So that's what I decided to do.

My phone wasn't going to cut it for this length of time and for the set up with two people working out together so I worked out how to go live through my camcorder which I did after hours of research and several tantrums which my kids could happily tell you all about. 

Then it was time to go out and do my first episode of Two Minute Moves with special guests. I was so, so nervous as I knocked on the door of my first guest, Lucy Bloom. But as I left I was so excited because I had BEGUN! This was no longer just talk or excuses. It was the beginning. 

That was my big lesson so far for 2018. Waiting does not suit me. I need that momentum feeling that taking action brings. This lesson of resourcefulness has helped me be able to bring you this show. 

You can watch the Live episodes on Facebook or YouTube. Like the Two Minute Moves Facebook page and subscribe to YouTube to be part of it.


Love Lizzy

ps. For the next Two Minute Moves Live Show I'm visiting the fabulous Channel Nine Journalist, Amelia Adams, who did an amazing quote for my book. Thursday 1st of March at 1:30pm. Pop it in your diary - it's going to be a good one.

Two Minute Moves LIVE with Lucy Bloom.
Lucy is an inspirational champion of those in need who also is a speaker, author and writer, encouraging us all to be fearless. She talks about how exercise has helped her and how she fits it in with all her traveling and her big, busy life. I love what Lucy says about how she has stopped caring about how exercise makes her look and instead focussing on how it makes her feel. Then we pick up the wine bottles and get Two Minute Moving. Watch it HERE on YouTube or HERE on Facebook


Two Minute Moves LIVE with Elka Whalan.
Elka is one of those people you meet that radiates positivity and joy. When you talk to her you feel like you can do anything! She is an incredible champion of women in her work with QueenHood and so much more. I was lucky enough to have her host my book launch last year. In this episode of Two Minute Moves LIVE, I visit Elka to talk about exercise mindset (this woman is an Olympian after all) and how she now makes it a part of her life with four kids and a rocking career. Elka and I end up having a very fun dance-off with her one-year-old in tow. So fun. Watch it HERE on YouTube or HERE on Facebook.