The one thing that saved me

My book, Two Minute Moves, was published last year and with it came some incredible moments. After a year of a 5am hour of writing every morning, then another year of getting a publisher, working with an editor, and doing photos, then another six months of waiting for the book to launch, I was so ready to have that thing in my hands. And it was a crazy feeling when it arrived - I even filmed myself doing a dance-off with all the pent-up emotions I was feeling.


It would be easy for me to only reel off all the wonderful times that followed like the night I launched my book surrounded by family and friends, hosted by the divine Elka Whalan. (A gorgeous and pregnant Stacy Clare is pictured speaking here).


Or when I discovered my love of live tv thanks to segments on Studio 10 and Today Show.


Plus kicking some big goals by being featured in some fab mags, podcasts and blogs which you can see/listen to HERE - Pictured here is Collective Hub which has been on my wishlist and vision board for years. Photo by Tanya Lake from Two Minute Moves, the book. 



But amongst all the amazing moments there were a lot of lows. I put a lot of pressure on myself and set very high expectations of what this book was going to do. Feeling like I wasn't living up to these expectations, I had moments of feeling incredibly dark and wanting to give it all up. My rock-bottom moment was when we had to cancel a bookstore for lack of bookings. Despite knowing this had happened to thousands of authors before me, I had been doubting myself a lot at that time and that was like the straw that broke the camel's back. Feeling like a total failure, I took a bottle of champagne to my local lookout, sat by myself and started talking to myself...

You can go back to the easier road you know. No-one is forcing you to choose this path, to put yourself out there for criticism and failure. Are you sure you want to do this?

As I sat there and breathed between long sips of my champas, it was totally clear to me what the answer was.


Why? Because the one thing that got me through all those dark times was exercise. Every night without fail I'd make myself do 20 push-ups at my kitchen bench. I'd head out for a walk despite it being the last thing I felt like doing. I kept dancing with my daughters in my kitchen every night. I know there is no way I can keep the power of exercise to myself. So here I am with lots of great things lined up for you in 2018 to keep that precious body of yours moving. 


Along with the moves and motivation I've got going on for you over at the @twominutemoves Instagram and Facebook pages, first up for you is a workout to get that often underused muscle - your glutes - firing and lifting from the comfort of your couch.     

With love,

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