'SodaStream Bottles' Moves

It's Friday which usually means #WineBottleWorkout time but I'm aware that not everyone has wine stocked in their cupboard (hard to believe but true) so I wanted to demonstrate you can use non-alcoholic bottles to get an awesome arm workout too!  It just so happens I was sent a whizz-bang SodaStream machine which now sits on my kitchen bench as a shiny reminder to do a few moves everyday with my soda bottles (which no longer end up in the bin - super happy about that).  

These four moves are sooooooooo good for your tricep muscles. Your triceps are an often underused part of your arm - the bit that tends to jiggle when you shake your arm. Now there is nothing wrong with a bit of a jiggle, we're not barbie dolls after all, but it feels really nice to switch on this part and have it strong.  

Top Tip: Put a post-it note on your bottles to remind you to do a little lifting before you do a bit of drinking.