'Simple SodaStream Arms' Moves

I went to get my wine bottles to do this workout today but I was out. That's what happens when you go away on holidays and your hubby stays home :) Soda Stream bottles it was then.

It felt great doing this workout for you as after an amazing three weeks off - no social media, no book writing, just a whole lot of body-boarding, jogging through the national park, card playing and catching up with my family - I've returned rejuvenated and ready to rock (my mum organising dinner every night played a big part in this I think - thanks mum). Pretty heavenly. I haven't done a wine bottle workout for those few weeks (I was pouring it in to my glass instead) so perhaps that's why my arms were killing me doing these moves!  

Find a regular time to do your wine bottle workout (there's some tips in the video) and you and your arms will feel so good for doing so.