'Making a Cup Of Tea' Moves with my Mum

Tell me I'm going to look and feel like my mum in 28 years and I will be one happy lady. My mum is a Two Minute Mover - 'Wine Bottle Workouts' when she gets her from her evening walk, 'Dips' as she watches the news every night and she seizes so many moments in her day to be active. 

She has been looking after my daughters for a week while I have been in book pre-launch-land. She has so much energy for them and that is one of the biggest things that keeps me inspired to move. I want to be a grandma like her - full of vitality, joy and have a body that doesn't hold me back.

We were about to make a cup of tea when I asked if she'd film a Two Minute Move with me. I'm so glad she said yes as I loved watching this back and I'm so glad I can share these two fast-working moves with you.