'Barre at the Kitchen Bench' Moves

Have you got a message you want to give to the world?

I got a mock up of the cover of my book the other day and it felt amazing after all that work to see it coming together! I can't wait for you to see it. What a process writing this book has been. A big journey but I'd highly recommend writing one if you are really keen to hone what it is that you want to do and say to help others.  

After many 5am wake-up-to-write mornings, I now feel very clear on what my message is and how I can best serve you and others. I hope that with each Two Minute Move you see you have a little mindset shift on what exercise has to be. I hope that you are realising that the little things actually count for a lot and that there is no reason to wait until you have more time, you're more fit, the weather is warmer, the kids are older, your deadline is over...the list goes on. 

Is there another little thing you do in your day that makes a big difference to you? I'd LOVE to hear it if you'd like to hit reply and let me know.  

This move is a perfect one to slip in to your day to keep your hips from getting tight and to give your core and lower body some love. You can do it at your kitchen bench, table or use the back of your chair.