Sharing my story to help heal the shame

Having been on the road promoting my book, I've had the opportunity to have some very intimate conversations with both people I know and people I've only just met. 

There has been both tears, laughs and mindset shifts. I think because I open up and share my story, others feel they are able to open up to me. Which is an incredible honour. 



I remember the day when I realised I wasn't alone in how I was feeling when I had post-natal depression. I read an article by Jessica Rowe saying she had thoughts about throwing her baby out the window. I couldn't believe someone else had those same thoughts as me and was brave enough to say it. I have had a few people close to me this week open up for the first time about their experience during those first few years of motherhood. It's incredibly healing to be able to share the things that hold so much shame.

It's PNDA Awareness Week this week so my Two Minute Move is all about helping you cope with strong emotions in those moments of need. I find both moves in this workout a very powerful way to move through feelings of frustration, depression, overwhelm. anger, stress and anxiety. Watch it HERE 

I'm also a Community Champion for PANDA (Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia) and would recommend getting in touch with them if you are a parent and aren't coping. There is also Lifeline on 13 11 14. I can't tell you how hard I find it to reach out and ask for help. But if you're like me, it is so vital we work out a way to do it. Sometimes even a text to a really good friend with the words, 'Not coping', like I did very recently, can be a good place to start.