Back Yourself

A couple of months ago in what felt like a sea of no’s and setbacks, I lost my self-confidence. Do you know that feeling? When you begin to doubt yourself, your abilities, plans and dreams? Well it hit me big time. When anyone would ask me what I had going on I had to hold back the tears as I tried muster up a confident answer.

You see, I didn’t sell as many books as I was hoping to. I thought if I worked hard enough I would be adding Best Selling Author to my bio. I put all that I had in to getting the book out there and my expectations on what was going to happen were high. And what happened when they weren’t met? I felt like a failure. And my confidence plummeted.

But, as someone who knows the mental health downward spiral, I knew what the situation called for. And that was action. Even if it felt HARD. So I kept going for it with my Live show I’ve been doing (and LOVING), despite kicking away a black dog at my heels and many, many tears.

Feeling really stressed out, I asked myself a week or so ago, What’s good? And along with many personal things in my life, the answer was my show. ‘It’s time to back yourself’, a voice in my head said, loud and clear. And that’s been my mantra I’ve been repeating to myself ever since. BACK YOURSELF. It feels good and it’s working. 

When I finally forgave myself

I really thought I had screwed up motherhood. After my second daughter was born I didn’t cope the way I wanted to, didn’t act in a way I was proud of and I felt like I had failed as a mum. Big time. Every night when I went to bed I would go through all the things I had done wrong that day - I didn’t give my girls any vegetables, I hadn’t taught then their ABCs, I’d lost it at them, I let them watch too much TV.... I read book after book on parenting which only made me feel worse and worse.

Then one day I was out by myself jogging and that harsh record of regret started playing in my head. All of a sudden I stopped in my tracks and said to myself, ‘That’s enough. You tell your daughters to forgive, you’re a big believer in forgiving others, it’s time to forgive yourself. Yes. Forgive yourself.’

I spent years thinking I wasn’t good enough as a mother. That I was a bad mum. But that decision I made to forgive myself was a game-changer. I came home and wrote myself a letter, ‘I forgive you for screaming, for the mummy tantrums, for the period of post-natal depression, for thinking about throwing your baby out the window, for the dread you felt, for the wanting to run away...’

When my Dad died I realized all the things that I found so frustrating and annoying about him didn’t matter. All I thought about and continue to were the wonderful things about him and the great times we had together. That’s what I think about now when I look back at the 11.5 years of motherhood I’ve had so far. Through forgiving myself I can now remember so many moments that I have been an amazing mum. Moments of cuddles, reading stories and dancing round the living room swinging my little girls in the air.

I’ve asked my daughters if there’s certain things they remember that I feel ashamed of and, like my memories of my Dad, their answer is no. They remember the fun, joyous times of which there have been plenty.

Forgiveness can free you from regret. It’s a powerful thing. Is there something you need to forgive yourself for?

Happy Mother’s Day.

Love Lizzy

Muting your mean girl, becoming a wrestling world champion, managing hormones plus more lessons learnt from my show.

Hi Two Minute Mover. I arrived at Melissa Ambrosini's home yesterday to film a live episode of Two Minute Moves TV. I was pumped and nervous. Melissa did an Instagram Story shout-out to her 101K followers that we were about to go live and guess what? I couldn't get the damn technology working.

Trying to control my panic, no matter what I did the screen remained black when I tried to go Live. We ended up recording so I could upload later and it was a wonderful conversation that I highly recommend you watch - especially if you have a 'mean girl' in your head that likes to tell you everything that you're doing wrong and that you're not good enough.

But boy, oh, boy did my mean girl get stuck in to me on the way home. 

'You idiot! You should have done this, done that, what a stuff up you've made, she must think you're hopeless, everyone will think you're so unreliable...'

On and on it went. 

But thanks to some brilliant steps I'd learnt from Melissa I was able to take some deep breaths and mute that mean girl. It made me realise just how prevalent that voice is in my head so I'm on a mission to practise every day to change it.   

This is one of the MANY lessons, action steps and insights my amazing guests have shared on these episodes. Have a watch and discover the little things you can easily do that make a big difference to the way you feel and live your life.  

Love Lizzy

ps. Anyone you'd love to see on the show? Drop me a line and I'll ask them.

Want an easy way to get fitter?

Chances are you could do with some more cardio in your week. This is an easy way to get it in. Even if the weather is bad outside, you've got kids at home, you can't get to the gym or whatever that excuses voice is telling you - probably that you don't have the TIME -  you can do this workout. Remember something is so much better than nothing because it means you start which creates momentum. Plus, all the little moments you take to give back to yourself add up to make a big difference to your fitness and the way you feel.

Been sitting for a while?

Want a better energy boost than that second cup of coffee or a sugary snack? How about an increase of oxygen to your brain to help you work more productively and with more focus? Heard the saying, 'Sitting is the new smoking'? Time to get up, strengthen your core and glutes, loosen tight joints and get your metabolism, heart and muscles working. 

10 x 2 minute workouts to feel more at peace

I discovered that exercise had the power to transform my mood in a big way when I had a baby and a toddler and I was experiencing emotions to a a degree I never had before.

Anger. Overwhelm. Frustration...

It was a game changer for me when I started moving through these strong emotions by moving my body. In this workout I share these moves that will have you feeling more grounded, calm, energised and less anxious, overwhelmed and stuck. Enjoy!

Moves to help you feel more grounded, calm or energised and less overwhelmed, anxious or frustrated.

Plus bonus 10X2 - couchilates!

20 minute workout on your couch, bed or floor - full of pilates-style moves for your core, thighs and glutes. Enjoy! Stay on track and become a 10X2 Member for only $2/week. 10 different 20 minute workouts each month. 


10X2 has launched!

When I was at one of the darkest points in my life I started doing two minutes of exercise and somehow, thanks to this incredibly powerful tool called movement, I found myself climbing back out of this downward spiral and in to a place where I could look at my beautiful baby and toddler again and experience true joy. 

Two minutes was all I had in me some days be it from time, exhaustion, lack of motivation or my mood. But some days, I could do more. The 10X2 Workout has been born from many of you asking me for more. I love the idea of doing 10 x 2 minute intervals. It feels more achievable somehow. You can tell that excuses voice, Just do 2 minutes. Now another 2 minutes, and before you know it you’ve spent 20 minutes giving back to your body, mind and soul. The workouts are catered to all fitness levels and will have you feeling stronger, fitter, more energized and more at peace with the world. We’ll have some fun with them too by sometimes picking up a wine bottle to use as weights. 

This is already turning in to a very special community of people who have become members. On a private Facebook page, you’ll get 10 new workouts a month, many of which will be live but all will be available to watch back any time. They’ll also be delivered to your inbox by 5am. As a member you are also going to have me making sure you don’t miss out each week on the incredible benefits that exercise brings not only to you but also the people you love and to what you are contributing to the world. If you sometimes need a gentle kick up the backside to make your health and fitness a priority then I’m your gal. 

You’ll have access to plenty more good stuff going on as a member. You’re going to love it. And I made it $2 a week because I didn’t want money getting in the way of you investing in the most important person to take care of - YOU. 

Grab your spot now.


What Do Fitness Gurus Eat?

Check out the Daily diet of 5 fitness professionals in this blog by Julia Hammond 

Everytime a fad diet pops up on the scene we’re given a new meaning for the word bland. Cut out carbs? No thank you. Quit sugar? In your dreams. Eat only liquids? Maybe in the space age.

We wanted to get to the bottom of healthy eating so we asked a few of our favourite fitness professionals to tell us about their day. Here’s what 5 fitness gurus eat in a day - and it's simpler and tasiter than you'd think!

Read it HERE

2 Moves to Cure Mondayitis

Feeling apathetic, unmotivated or mourning the weekend? These two moves will give you the energy and mood boost you need to kick the blues away and be ready to get in to your week. If they work on my highly-emotional Miss 9-year-old, I'm pretty sure they will work on you! Watch it HERE or click the image. 


Love Lizzy 

My big mistake with my new LIVE show

So, my dear Two Minute Mover, I was waiting. And it was driving me crazy. After my book coming out last year the plan was to do a show next. But I needed some cash to shoot it properly so I could afford to have a second camera, a crew. I needed my profile to be bigger so guests would say yes. I waited. 

Then because ABC was interested in doing a show with me I waited, and waited to hear back from them if it was a yes.

While I was waiting I didn't take any action and it was really making me feel depressed. I have since realised that moments in my life that I have been waiting for the 'conditions to be perfect' and not taking any action are the moments I have felt really blah and stuck.

The big one was when I was waiting to have more time to exercise and so I did nothing. 

An interesting thing happened to me when I was on school holidays in Noosa staying with my mum. I went for a jog through the National Park and ended up jogging alongside someone. We got in to a conversation, which I've never done before on a jog with a stranger, and she started telling me about how she'd recently been to see motivational speaker, Tony Robbins, on stage. When I asked her the thing she really took from the weekend, her response was, 'resourcefulness'. The idea that if you want to do something and there are a lot of barriers in your way, you get resourceful until you can find another way to make that happen. 

I felt like I was meant to meet this woman to hear this word and to realise that all these barriers that I thought were getting in the way of producing a show in the hope that it would inspire you to bust through your exercise excuses and get moving more, were totally possible to overcome. It was this set idea of how it had to be to be 'perfect' that was getting in my way.

I love the parallels to exercise of this lesson. Before I had kids, I always had this idea of what exercise needed to look like. I know I'm not alone in this mindset. If it can't be that hour, a certain intensity and location, that instead of doing something we don't do anything at all.

So what did I have to do after ABC passed on the show and a big personal investment financially wasn't possible? I thought, ok, what is available to me to film this show without a massive budget/crew/network etc? The answer was, I could film these episodes LIVE and therefore I didn't need to have all the time and money to edit and put it all together. So that's what I decided to do.

My phone wasn't going to cut it for this length of time and for the set up with two people working out together so I worked out how to go live through my camcorder which I did after hours of research and several tantrums which my kids could happily tell you all about. 

Then it was time to go out and do my first episode of Two Minute Moves with special guests. I was so, so nervous as I knocked on the door of my first guest, Lucy Bloom. But as I left I was so excited because I had BEGUN! This was no longer just talk or excuses. It was the beginning. 

That was my big lesson so far for 2018. Waiting does not suit me. I need that momentum feeling that taking action brings. This lesson of resourcefulness has helped me be able to bring you this show. 

You can watch the Live episodes on Facebook or YouTube. Like the Two Minute Moves Facebook page and subscribe to YouTube to be part of it.


Love Lizzy

ps. For the next Two Minute Moves Live Show I'm visiting the fabulous Channel Nine Journalist, Amelia Adams, who did an amazing quote for my book. Thursday 1st of March at 1:30pm. Pop it in your diary - it's going to be a good one.

Two Minute Moves LIVE with Lucy Bloom.
Lucy is an inspirational champion of those in need who also is a speaker, author and writer, encouraging us all to be fearless. She talks about how exercise has helped her and how she fits it in with all her traveling and her big, busy life. I love what Lucy says about how she has stopped caring about how exercise makes her look and instead focussing on how it makes her feel. Then we pick up the wine bottles and get Two Minute Moving. Watch it HERE on YouTube or HERE on Facebook


Two Minute Moves LIVE with Elka Whalan.
Elka is one of those people you meet that radiates positivity and joy. When you talk to her you feel like you can do anything! She is an incredible champion of women in her work with QueenHood and so much more. I was lucky enough to have her host my book launch last year. In this episode of Two Minute Moves LIVE, I visit Elka to talk about exercise mindset (this woman is an Olympian after all) and how she now makes it a part of her life with four kids and a rocking career. Elka and I end up having a very fun dance-off with her one-year-old in tow. So fun. Watch it HERE on YouTube or HERE on Facebook.

Wine Bottle Workout time

It's Wine Bottle Workout time! No need for fancy equipment, dumbbells or a whole lot of time. Some time this weekend grab a couple of bottles and take two minutes to get your heart pumping and your arms burning with this fun, fast workout that's sure to put a smile on your face. Watch it HERE or click the image. 


Love Lizzy 

ps. Subscribe to the channel while you're there for more reminders to get up and get moving. 


Are you finding you're getting less flexible as you get older?

Or maybe you're starting to get a few aches and pains, injuries or even some creaks as you stand up.

Stretching is one of those things that most of us know we should be doing but often in our jam packed days it doesn't happen

Taking a minute or two first thing in the morning is not only so beneficial for your body, but it sends your soul a signal that you:

are making yourself a priority.

are worth taking a moment for.

value yourself enough to say, hold on emails/Instagram/kids lunches, this is something that I need to do for ME

Here is a Two Minute 'Morning Stretch Out' for you. You don't need the flexibility of a ballerina to do them. They are simple and feel amazing.

It's these little moments that add up to make a big difference.


Speaking of looking after yourself...

In celebration of Hornsby Ku-ring-gai International Women’s Day Festival Week, North Shore Mums is hosting a special evening on Wednesday 7 March at St Ives Shopping Village


In keeping with the festival theme of #lovemefirst, I'm part of a panel of incredibly inspiring mums who will make you realise the importance of looking after yourself as a person, so you that you can be a better mum.

Tickets are $25, and include a glass of bubbles, nibbles, talks from Elka, Kristina and myself, a goodie bag and some fabulous lucky door prizes.

Tickets on sale now! Click here to buy tickets via Eventbrite.

By the way, are you a podcast fan? I sure am. I put them on when I'm driving, walking or cleaning the house. Most recently I've been on Lisa York's Super Mum podcast which is awesome. Have a listen HERE. For a full list of my fave podcasts visit my media page HERE.

With love,

The one thing that saved me

My book, Two Minute Moves, was published last year and with it came some incredible moments. After a year of a 5am hour of writing every morning, then another year of getting a publisher, working with an editor, and doing photos, then another six months of waiting for the book to launch, I was so ready to have that thing in my hands. And it was a crazy feeling when it arrived - I even filmed myself doing a dance-off with all the pent-up emotions I was feeling.


It would be easy for me to only reel off all the wonderful times that followed like the night I launched my book surrounded by family and friends, hosted by the divine Elka Whalan. (A gorgeous and pregnant Stacy Clare is pictured speaking here).


Or when I discovered my love of live tv thanks to segments on Studio 10 and Today Show.


Plus kicking some big goals by being featured in some fab mags, podcasts and blogs which you can see/listen to HERE - Pictured here is Collective Hub which has been on my wishlist and vision board for years. Photo by Tanya Lake from Two Minute Moves, the book. 



But amongst all the amazing moments there were a lot of lows. I put a lot of pressure on myself and set very high expectations of what this book was going to do. Feeling like I wasn't living up to these expectations, I had moments of feeling incredibly dark and wanting to give it all up. My rock-bottom moment was when we had to cancel a bookstore for lack of bookings. Despite knowing this had happened to thousands of authors before me, I had been doubting myself a lot at that time and that was like the straw that broke the camel's back. Feeling like a total failure, I took a bottle of champagne to my local lookout, sat by myself and started talking to myself...

You can go back to the easier road you know. No-one is forcing you to choose this path, to put yourself out there for criticism and failure. Are you sure you want to do this?

As I sat there and breathed between long sips of my champas, it was totally clear to me what the answer was.


Why? Because the one thing that got me through all those dark times was exercise. Every night without fail I'd make myself do 20 push-ups at my kitchen bench. I'd head out for a walk despite it being the last thing I felt like doing. I kept dancing with my daughters in my kitchen every night. I know there is no way I can keep the power of exercise to myself. So here I am with lots of great things lined up for you in 2018 to keep that precious body of yours moving. 


Along with the moves and motivation I've got going on for you over at the @twominutemoves Instagram and Facebook pages, first up for you is a workout to get that often underused muscle - your glutes - firing and lifting from the comfort of your couch.     

With love,

ps. YouTube needs me to have 1000 subscribers before I launch my new fun, LIVE show. I'm 316 away so will you help me get there by clicking the Subscribe button while you're on my channel or clicking HERE


Thank you!




Collapsed on the couch Moves

Good Morning America got in touch with me about featuring this workout so I thought if it's good enough for an American morning show then it's good enough for you! It's also a perfect workout for this time of year when, if you're anything like me, you get to the end of your day and are sooooooo ready to crash on the couch. Maybe that's something to do with the fact my kids had 8 school or dance concerts in 4 days. 

So go ahead and lean back on the couch while you're binge-watching Netflix or checking your emails. While you're at it, try these three moves to give your core some love. 

I'll be back Feb 1st 2018 to deliver a whole lot of fitness inspiration and motivation to your inbox. Pop in your details to get your exercise and mindset back on track.

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Sharing my story to help heal the shame

Having been on the road promoting my book, I've had the opportunity to have some very intimate conversations with both people I know and people I've only just met. 

There has been both tears, laughs and mindset shifts. I think because I open up and share my story, others feel they are able to open up to me. Which is an incredible honour. 



I remember the day when I realised I wasn't alone in how I was feeling when I had post-natal depression. I read an article by Jessica Rowe saying she had thoughts about throwing her baby out the window. I couldn't believe someone else had those same thoughts as me and was brave enough to say it. I have had a few people close to me this week open up for the first time about their experience during those first few years of motherhood. It's incredibly healing to be able to share the things that hold so much shame.

It's PNDA Awareness Week this week so my Two Minute Move is all about helping you cope with strong emotions in those moments of need. I find both moves in this workout a very powerful way to move through feelings of frustration, depression, overwhelm. anger, stress and anxiety. Watch it HERE 

I'm also a Community Champion for PANDA (Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia) and would recommend getting in touch with them if you are a parent and aren't coping. There is also Lifeline on 13 11 14. I can't tell you how hard I find it to reach out and ask for help. But if you're like me, it is so vital we work out a way to do it. Sometimes even a text to a really good friend with the words, 'Not coping', like I did very recently, can be a good place to start.

Using movement to help you cope better

When I hit my lowest point nine years ago I didn’t know I had post-natal depression, I just knew that I wasn’t coping. I didn’t want to get out of bed in the morning or leave the house during the day. I’d count down the hours until night-time and then go to bed dreading the long, sleepless hours ahead.

I was shocked at the emotions I was feeling. I was punching my brick walls with anger as I went up the stairs of our home to settle one of my daughters. Once, in a moment of fury and frustration, I stabbed a knife into a cutting board, snapping the handle off. I’ll never forget my oldest daughter’s look of terror at one of my fits of rage. I could never have imagined my own child fearing me. As I held my baby daughter in the girls’ top-floor bedroom, I would look out the window and think about throwing her out of it.

My strategy was to keep telling myself to get over it. But no matter how much I tried to convince myself that I shouldn’t be feeling this way with all that I had – two healthy children, a home, food to eat, a partner and family I could call on – I couldn’t. I didn’t tell anyone how I was feeling because I was so ashamed. There were so many people far worse off than I was, people who needed help so much more than me. I couldn’t justify asking for help. 

Most people experiencing symptoms of a mental illness don’t seek help from health services. If I had consulted my doctor or called an organisation such as LifelineBeyond BlueBlack Dog Institute or PANDA (Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia), I would have realised sooner that there were better strategies available than silence.

Physical exercise can have a powerful effect on mental health, and it’s widely considered a significant part of treatment for depression, so they may even have suggested that I start moving. 





3 Things I learnt from my first online 'haters'

I got my first ‘haters’ online this week. 

It was actually a really great feeling. This not might be the reaction you’d expect but I got a feeling of excitement after some vicious comments started appearing on a Kidspot interview I had done. 

A few years ago when I made the decision as Brene Brown puts it to ‘step inside the arena’ and play bigger. It was at that time that I said to myself, 

‘Are you really ready for this?’ 

Because I had seen what was happening to my friends when they put themselves out there by writing books, going on tv, and had something to say and pushed through any fear to say it. They have been slammed personally and it’s pretty awful to see, especially when there are threats against them and their families.

So I asked myself, was I truly up for criticism, because I do not deal with criticism well at all. Any type of conflict situation, something that is going to result in me having to stand up for myself in the face of someone I perceive as very strong and bully-like, I’m like a little mouse. Even thinking about it my stomach starts to clench and I feel a strong desire to run away.

But when I asked myself the question and dug deep to find the answer, it was a very strong, definite YES. That’s because I want to be in the arena throwing some punches. In order to do that I know I have to be getting kicked around a bit myself. 

So I looked at these online comments, took a very deep breath (well about ten of them) and I thought, Ok. Here we go. 

1. This is a sign I’m getting somewhere. If I wasn’t getting through to people, if my message wasn't getting out there, then I wouldn’t have any ‘haters’. 

2. I need to practise compassion - what is going on in this person’s life for her to write in this way. I could feel the sadness/shame/overwhelm underneath the anger. This was not about me. Is there something I could say to make her feel understood or not alone?

3. If I’m going to be in the ring, taking punches, playing big, I have to get myself in peak condition. I have to be fit, have endurance, be well, to have the energy to be not only in the ring but also back at home with energy left for my family. To have what it takes physically and mentally to rise back up from receiving a knock out punch, I need to have my mental health in order by taking little moments to move, meditate and give back to myself. 

Because the haters going to hate, hate, hate.

I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake…

Read the interview and responses HERE which led to the Daily Mail calling me to do another interview HERE.