"I would dance with a huge smile on my face"

I spent my childhood dancing. It was my love, my passion. I'd be up every morning a few hours before school started, in the downstairs garage of my house in a little country town named Gympie in Australia, with a small mirror and barre my ever supportive parents had allowed me to get, and I'd dance. I loved the feeling I got from moving my body, the feeling of strength, openess, freedom and being up on stage was where I was my happiest. I would dance with a huge smile on my face, both onstage and off. 

My Dad and Mum visit me on the cruise ship, 1994.

"In an instant my body changed from being my friend to my enemy"

That smile stayed on my face as I went through dance school in Sydney, doing jobs at the same time like jumping out of a cake at a 70 year old's birthday party and spinning barrels at rsl clubs (hey, we all have to eat!) Dancing for TV, live shows and cruise ships came next. It was on one of these jobs where I was told I needed to lose weight that everything changed. In an instant my body went from being my friend to being my enemy. I became obsessed with changing it and all my focus went in to how I looked rather than how I felt when I danced. I stopped eating, did hours on the treadmill, stared obsessively in the mirror, all to try and change my body. I was exercising and eating in a way that reflected how much I hated my body rather than loved it. With all my focus going in my body issues, I lost my passion, energy and love of performing. 

"I wanted to remember what a positive thing moving my body can be"

When I decided to leave dancing as a career it was a natural progression to become a Personal Trainer because of my love and knowledge of the body and getting it moving. I also wanted to leave my body image demons behind me and remember what a powerful and positive thing actively moving your body can be. Working with clients, I was able to bring out my love of motivating and inspiring people along with sharing my experience of the barre, pilates, boxing, kickboxing, yoga and more.

"The ripple effect of doing something that made me feel good was astonishing"

When I became a mum of two I was diagnosed with post-natal depression. It was when my doctor told me I needed to follow the "put my oxygen mask on before assisting others" way that I realised that in my state of overwhelm and darkness, I had stopped doing things that would fill me with joy. I was putting everyone and everything else first to the detriment of my health, happiness and ability to cope, let alone to thrive. That was when I came back to exercise and realised I had to make it a priority and adapt it to fit in to my life despite feeling I was too tired, overwhelmed, busy...the list goes on. The ripple effect of moving my body again and doing something that made me feel good was astonishing.

"I want my message to be completely aligned with one I can look in to the eyes of my two daughters and tell them proudly"

My daughters are getting older now and exercise is still my go-to to feel good activity (along with dancing around the living room to loud pop songs with them). Becoming a mum, I quickly saw what a huge influence my actions and words were going to be on how they felt about themselves and their relationship to their bodies. As a voice in the fitness industry, I have come to realise that the message I am telling my clients and the world has to be one I can look in to the eyes of my two daughters and tell them proudly, without censor. As females, there is so much focus on changing our bodies and as a result so many of us struggle with body image and confidence. I have many requests to tone thighs, lift bottoms and lose tummies which my work certainly delivers but I want more than that for you and for daughters everywhere. I want my daughters and you to crave movement. I want it part of your life and way up there on your list of priorities so that you can be strong and fit, mentally and physically in good health, full of joy and happiness, and making the most of your precious life.


I am a certified Personal Trainer, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Presenter, Speaker and contributor to MindBodyGreen, The BubHub, BellaMumma and more. My workouts have been featured in Lorna Jane's YouTube channel, plus many other fabulous online publications, programs and blogs.  My 2 Minute Workouts get sent each week for free to thousands of women who have become part of my community. I have been up on stage speaking and getting audiences off their chairs and moving at Golden Door Health Retreats, Mindd, IIN, Mama Creatives, Mum Society and more. 

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