Let the 5 Day Challenge begin!

Here are your moves for the next 5 days. Your task is to complete each of them each day. Underneath you'll find the bonus moves, mindset tips, motivation hacks more. They'll also be sent to your inbox along with daily instructions and motivation to make sure you're getting them done! Keep me in the loop with how you're going! Love Lizzy x

These moves are to do when you're brushing your teeth, in your kitchen blending a smoothie or I even know someone who does them when she's doing the ironing! Do them for 2 minutes each day wherever works for you.
2 minutes every day on a chair or couch. Do them at work, when you're scrolling through Instagram or binge-watching Netflix.
Push-Ups are one of the most powerful moves you can do for your upper body. I swear they give you a natural breast lift too! Do them at your kitchen bench or if you want to make it stronger then do them on the floor.
Squats. They are hard to beat for some love to your glutes - aka booty! Do these at your kitchen bench, before you crash on the couch or bed, or a friend of mine does them whenever she's walking her dog and it stops to find a good place to wee!

more moves, mindset, munchies and motivation hacks

How good it feels to stretch out a tight, sore body!

Get your heart rate up and improve your fitness with a burst of cardio in your day.

5 Day Challenge Mindset Hack. Never say you can't fit in exercise again. Plus what to do about lack of motivation. Then it's time to spend 2 minutes digging a bit deeper in to what's holding you back and why you want to make some changes. www.twominutemoves.com/freechallenge
Today's bonus 5-Day Challenge task is to try practicing gratitude. Here are some tips to make it a habit and what it does for you when you do.
5 Day Challenge Munchie time. Some times the simple things are the best and this afternoon snack is so easy to make either at the time or prep before to hand in hand when those sugar cravings kick in.
That nasty voice. The one that tells you when you look at your body everything that's wrong with it. You can get rid of it. Here's how.
Hey 5-Day Challenger. This is a practical exercise where you'll need a pen and paper. Get yourself ready to journey up from being the bottom of your to-do list and to make YOU and your health a priority.
5 Day Challenger, in this video I delve into some of the many emails I've received to make sure I've busted everyone's exercise excuse/obstacle. It's a recap of the top tips and tools from the challenge plus some new ones.

So easy to swap your store-bought, sugar-loaded chocolate to this one. We also talk how to get rid of some food habits that aren't doing us any favors and getting in some good ones instead.

Day 5 of the Two Minute Moves Challenge and I share my top tips of how to make exercise enjoyable plus how a client of mine lost 30+ kilograms after finding the answer to one simple question I asked her.

More moves

The difference it makes when you take two minutes in your morning to stretch out a tired, sleepy body. You feel more alive, less prone to injuries, less stiff and it feels so good to do something for YOU in the morning before the craziness begins.
A cardio and strengthening workout for your whole body as you're sweeping and scrubbing your floor. These moves are a sure-fire way to take the boredom and resentment out of household chores and turn them in to an endorphin boosting, body strengthening, fun part of your day. No time to exercise?
Taking a moment to give your arms and core some love before you put those shopping bags down is so worthwhile. You don't need long until you feel your muscles coming alive and get that little rise in your self worth for taking a moment to give back to yourself.
Feeling apathetic, unmotivated or mourning the weekend? These two moves will give you the energy and mood boost you need to kick the blues away and be ready to get in to your week.
Need a boost of energy and endorphins. All you need is less than 2 minutes and something to hold on to. Get ready to jump!
Sitting down all day is not only making our energy drop. Our buttocks (glutes) also suffer from underuse. So the next time you're crashed on the couch binge-watching Netflix or lying on your bed reading, try these two easy-to-follow moves. They only take two minutes and you'll feel the burn so fast.
Many of us spend a lot of time complaining about our tummy area and that we have no time to exercise. Here are three moves to work your core without even having to get up off the couch.
You don't need dumbbells, the gym or even activewear to get an awesome arm workout. I didn't even get out of my dressing gown. The great thing about using wine bottles as weights is not only does it mean you don't need to go out and buy fancy equipment, but also they'll most likely put a smile on your face when you use them.
3 killer moves for your triceps. No dumbbells needed and it only takes 2 minutes. Get ready to feel the burn.