Hey Two Minute Mover.

Here are your moves to make part of the next 22-days. 

More exercise in your day = more energy, better mood, less cranky, confidence, stronger, fitter, better sleep, lighter, happier, less pain, sense of achievement, less stressed, calmer household, jeans not so tight, get more out of day, clearer head, more self worth & feel better in self.

Do a lot, do a little, it doesn't matter. Your body just wants you to move so you can experience all of the benefits that come with doing so. 

Remember to make it easier by scheduling the moves in your diary, putting out reminder notes, setting alarms - whatever works.

I'm so excited to see you busting out of the 'all-or-nothing' mindset, taking action and making yourself a priority.

Follow the moves by watching or listening - both options are available below. 

You've got this and I am here for you every small step of the way. Love Lizzy x

At your Kitchen Bench

On your Couch or Bed

At your Desk

Multitasking & Indoor/Outdoor Cardio

At a Park Bench

Ask the Expert

Stretch Moves

Bonus Moves

Food Vidoes

Member of the Month Coaching Calls