Have fun, feel good & fall in love with fitness - two minutes at a time.

That's the 10X2 promise. 



When I was at one of the darkest points in my life I started doing two minutes of exercise and somehow, thanks to this incredibly powerful tool called movement, I found myself climbing back out of this downward spiral and in to a place where I could look at my beautiful baby and toddler again and experience true joy.

Two minutes was all I had in me some days be it from time, exhaustion, lack of motivation or my mood. But some days, I could do more. The 10X2 Workout has been born from many of you asking me for more. I love the idea of doing 10 x 2 minute intervals. It feels more achievable somehow. You can tell that excuses voice that says to you...,

I’m too exhausted, I can’t be bothered, I hate exercise, I’m too unfit, I’m too overweight, I’ll do it later, I don’t have the time


...to just do 2 minutes. Now another 2 minutes, and before you know it you’ve spent 20 minutes giving back to your body, mind and soul plus had some fun.

20 minute workout on your couch, bed or floor - full of pilates-style moves for your core, thighs and glutes. Enjoy!
A 20 minute cardio dance workout that is super easy to follow and will have you sweating and smiling at the same time. Remember this is NOT Dance Yourself Perfect. It is a chance to let loose, feel free, connect back in with you and Dance Yourself Happy.
Time for some strengthening, lengthening, extending, posture-checking and all the rest of the benefits that a barre workout gives you. You are going to feel this one!
20 minutes of love for your arms and tummy. You'll need two bottles and a few pillows.


who 10X2 is for

The twenty-minute workouts are catered to all fitness levels and will have you feeling stronger, fitter, more energised and more at peace with the world. They are designed to be FUN as who couldn't do with a bit more fun in their week? We'll be picking up a wine bottle to use as weights, lying on the couch for some 'Couchilates', doing the occasional dance workout for even the most uncoordinated of those amoungst us plus a whole lot more. I also take requests as chances are the sort of workout you want there will be hundreds of others wanting the same.  

I joined this afternoon. I happily stumbled across you in January and to be honest, I’ve only done a half hearted attempt at the 2 minute moves you’ve posted. Why that is, I don’t know, I think I’ve lacked the feelings of self worth to try...but something about your infectious enthusiasm and your zest for life, keeps pulling me back to give it another go! I decided this afternoon to just take a leap of faith, draw a line in the sand and seriously commit to rediscovering my health, strength and joy. You are going to play a major part in that and I’m very grateful. You impact me greatly. 😀
— Renee

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