Dear two minute mover,

want to bust through your exercise excuses?

You don't have to leave the house, buy any equipment, have had a good nights sleep, get a babysitter for your kids, be fit, have a six-pack, enjoy exercise, self-motivate, talk to anyone or even get yourself into lycra to reclaim your body, energy and sanity. Each week, no matter how you are feeling or what you are wearing, I will be there to make sure you can bust through your exercise excuses and start moving that precious body of yours.  


Reckon you can get yourself doing a workout for 2-minutes? I think so too. 10 of them in a row? No problem. We start off with an active stretch then after each 2-minute interval, we'll do a quick stretch to elongate the muscles you've just used. Totally achievable, fun and guaranteed to put a smile on your face. 

Each 20-minute workout is designed to enhance your strength, fitness, flexibility, posture, energy and mood. I want you to feel awesome from doing these workouts with me. I also take requests. Let me know what it is you want and I'll incorporate into upcoming workouts.  

10 times a month, I'll be streaming LIVE  a new workout (you can watch back any time) that will have you fist-pumping the air saying,

‘I did it. I did something for ME.’


Imagine how good that will feel when you look back at the end of your week and know you have done such wonderful things for your body both in the short and long term. Then as the weeks go by discover what investing in yourself does not only to your body, but to your confidence, relationships, self-worth and work.

For many years I've been sending out my 2-Minute Workouts to thousands of people. Every day I hear from someone who has had Two Minute Moves impact their life in a positive way. The great thing about Two Minute Moves is it helps you begin. So many people have been asking me for more - where they can find the 2-minute workouts in a row to combine together for a longer (but not too long) workout. 10X2 is the answer to this demand. 

I was very active prior to having kids and had completely lost my mojo, my body had changed so much I barely recognised myself. But your simple and completely genius idea of small moves throughout the day have saved my sanity and I am starting to enjoy just moving again without any pressure placed on me to find huge chunks of time, ahhh time! Thank you so very much, you really don’t know how much your little videos mean to me xxx
— Tracy

I know it's not easy to do. I've been there and on many days exercise is still the last thing I feel like doing. But as soon as I begin, things shift. Every time. I start to feel unstuck. I start to feel like things are going to be ok. I start to feel a much happier human being. I start to feel much more at peace with the world. I start to crave the feeling of strength and endurance it gives me. I start to feel connected to my body and what really matters.

A decade ago I learnt firsthand the power that exercise held to transform the way you feel and therefore your life. I was at rockbottom with post-natal depression and thought there was no way exercise could be part of my life. But beginning my little two-minute workouts at my kitchen bench changed everything. I began. I busted through all my excuses. I could look my two daughters in the eye again with a feeling of true joy.

I want these workouts to be a part of your week so you too can experience the ripple effect that exercise brings to not only your life, but that of your loved ones, your community and your world.  


10 x 20-minute workouts a month

daily reminders & motivation

$2 a week

Has the time come for you to do something that's for you?

Let's do this together then. 

Starts 12th of March. Grab your spot now.

Rock up for the workouts LIVE on the 10X2 Facebook Group (schedule posted weekly) or watch at a time that's good for you. Workouts emailed to your inbox at 5am. 

Love Lizzy